With the drastic changes in the current work environment we are pivoting a bit from hiring for today’s episode. We are discussing how to transition your staff to a “work from home” force by conquering some of the IT challenges. 

Today’s Quote: 

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” - Stephen Hawking

I’m Rick Girard and welcome to the Hire Power Radio Show. We help Entrepreneurs and hiring managers to avoid costly hiring mistakes by identifying a specific problem and providing proven solutions to enable you to WIN the right hire. We share insights from top-performing rebel entrepreneurs, disruptors & industry experts.

Like our guest today: Collin Mitchell, CEO of Monster VoIP

Collin Mitchell is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about technology and his mindfulness practice. His first entrepreneurial project was with his wife in their apartment living room which they bootstrapped together to  5 million dollars of revenue within 26 months. Most recently, he has been working on Monster VoIP, a nationwide unified communications provider that gives enterprise features at an SMB price. Personally, Collin is an early riser, consistent meditator, and swimming enthusiast.

Collin runs a virtual organization that is thriving! Which makes Collin a perfect expert for today’s topic.

Collin, Welcome to the Hire Power Radio Show today! 

Today we are going to discuss

  • Why it is important to pivot your workforce to work from home
  • How to set up improve productivity and security
  • Why Pivot to remote work now?

What are the basics of what is needed?

  • Strong Internet Connection

    • Is home internet strong enough. 
    • Minimum internet connection - 50 mb. 
    • Depends on provider 
    • Offering a stipend to cover the cost of upgraded 
  • Laptop
    • Dual core or higher with 4 gigs of ram north
  • Phone
    • Voip
    • Company provided cell
    • Proper noise canceling headset
  • Possible Backup internet connection - overseas
  • Tools
  • Productivity
  • Tracking Software- works as a time clock and checking employee productivity 
  • Messaging Apps for collaboration 
  • Security
    • Active directory
    • Jumpcloud - cloud based active directory
    • Antivirus/malware up to date
  • Online Training Software 
  • Well Being
    • Getting dressed everyday
    • Have a plan/schedule
    • Taking breaks
    • Meditation
    • Short Walks
    • Standing Desk 

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Clear performance metrics

Key Takeaways:

  • These Things are all easy to implement
  • They are not too expensive
  • Focus on security and productivity by using tracking software and cloud AD
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