Data Driven Insight into Your Video Interviews.

“Look, I just need to hire someone who can do the work so we can get this product done”  Said Peter. A CEO for a newly funded startup. “Besides, there is no way to really know if someone fits into the company until you experience working together”.  Not true at all! 

Your interview process, when structured properly, will give you all the evidence to support making the right hire each & every time. Because, as we all know, one bad hire can destroy your company!

Today we are talking about the power of digging deep on the “right” questions and utilizing AI to confirm your conclusions. 

Our guest today: Scott Sandland, Founder & CEO of

Scott is the former world's youngest hypnotherapist. A few companies (and decades) later he is the CEO of a company focusing on artificial empathy and strategic linguistics. 

As a former executive director and CEO of a mental health clinic and longtime technologist, he has experience leading purpose driven organizations. He has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals, Psychology Today, Forbes, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Today we discuss:

  • Getting to the truth about the person in a video interview
  • How to leverage AI to confirm your hiring decisions 

Companies today have an interview process that is no better than a coin toss

  • No process
  • Shallow (how can you help me)
  • Or rely heavily on assessments for decision making

Challenge today?

  • Understanding the mental state of the person you are interviewing
  • How they are thinking allows you to understand a persons mindset now
  • Analyzing the what and how things are said
  • Keeping track of people
  • Understanding how people will fit
  • Correctly auditing the client pool at scale
  • People are dishonest during interviews
  • Creating a right fit with a specific management style

Why is this important to the company?

  • A lot of the “right” people get screened out via a resume
  • People who look good on paper/resume that don’t actually fit reality of job/culture
  • How to manage/mentor the person you do hire
  • Right person, wrong team… vision to see who will “blow up the locker room”
  • Making sure you are in a position to get the most out of a new hire
  • What burns them out/demotivates them and how to avoid it
  • Allow you to really utilize all the features that are strengths (create a more well rounded team!)

How do we build into your company?

  • Profile yourselves & your team
  • Look at the relationships of what already exists
  • Understand what you really need
  • Make strategic decision for similarity or diversity
  • Profile each person to interview
    • Run youtube interviews /linkedin profiles through their system
    • Get a head start on your hiring process
  • Creating custom interview questions based on insights
    • Measure relationships between interviewer  and interviewee
    • Confirm understanding of what motivates and what burns out
    • Accountability vs recognition environments
    • Gives the tools to accurately set performance metrics 
    • Makes the intangibles, tangible from the beginning. 
  • Hire
    • Confirm fit & hire

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Understand yourselves then build your company values around 
  • Do your homework, target & connect
  • Interview for values first

Key Takeaways:

  • Soft skills assessment of candidates is more important than resume checklist
  • Consistency and transparency in that assessment is critical, which is why machines should be used instead of a person with moods and distractions


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LinkedIn: Scott Sandland



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