We can all agree that the only way to 10 or 100x your company is to hire the strongest people. So, what are the strongest people? 

The strongest person for your company is a person who aligns with your values first. They understand the mission and they have a strong desire to impact the business because it benefits them first. 

Understanding the person across the table does not happen by chance but by a systematic approach to your interview that is designed to gather concrete evidence. 

The smartest companies know that cultural alignment is far more critical to a successful hire than merely a person’s skills. 

Today we discuss:

  • The value & pitfalls of a hiring system
  • How to implement a hiring operating system into your company

What is a hiring operating system?  The step by step process by which your company successfully hires.

Challenge today?

  • In any market, care needs to be taken when hiring

    • Right person, Right seat … Jim Collins - Good to Great
  • Time pressure
  • Hiring is a guessing game
    • Likability/commonality
    • Skills
    • Bias - educational background, company history (assumed success)
  • People hired are not properly positioned for your unique company
  • Builder, Improver, Maintainer
  • Hiring Process is common, weak or unorganized - Key indicator of how the business is run
  • People are systems resistant. 
    • Systems are the key to success

Why is this important to the company?

Operating Systems 

  • Save time & money
  • provide structure & clarity
  • Build accountability
  • Build effective practices 
  • Attract talent
    • A- players are drawn to successful opportunities
  • Systems Win
    • Business operating systems (EOS, scaling up, Strategic Coach, MAP)
    • IDC: Companies lose 20-30 percent of revenue each year due to ineffective business practices
      • https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/286084
      • https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffboss/2016/11/01/5-ways-your-business-processes-could-be-hurting-your-business/?sh=6b39e50452e9

How do you build your hiring operating system?


  • Values first

    • Own it- embrace the truth
    • Be transparent about the Good & Bad 
      • No one believes your company is perfect
  • Build Interview Question Library

    • Craft Behavioral questions (2-3)
    • Determine **Knockouts
    • Agree on questions
  • Establish Interview Structure

    • Timeline Commitment
    • Define Format
      • Outreach / Application
      • Intake Process - discovery call
      • Interview
      • Assessments/Tests (not too soon)
      • Decision
  • Build Job Description Template

    • Understand Performance Metrics
    • Build Call to Action Questions
  • Assign Questions 

    • to Interviewer position (order of importance)
  • Assemble Interview Team

    • 3 teams of X


Rules of engagement

  • Discovery/Screening call

    • Assessment over Resume
    • Time up front saves pain in the end
    • non-transactional


  • Behavioral Interview
  • Bias annihilation
  • Knock Out’s
  • Role playing exercise
  • Interview question tweaking
    • Iteration of follow up questions
    • Solidify questions
  • Logging data
  • Wrapping up interview & Handoff
    • Gather feedback
    • Dismissal 
  • Role Playing wrap up

Key Takeaways -Value:

  • Systems -breed success and eliminate all the things that keep you up at night
  • Prioritize owning a hiring operating system that attracts the strongest people to your business 
  • Train your people how to interview to gather evidence to support the hire


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