People do not want to go into the office on a daily basis anymore! 

In fact, the last search we completed had an overwhelming number of people that would only be interested in a hybrid or fully remote work situation. Quality of life has become far more important to people than the paycheck. 

We have all had to pivot in the past year but we really should embrace & capitalize on the opportunity that has been presented to us. That opportunity is the ability to raise the bar of talent within your company that is outside your geographical locale. 

Our guest today: Nick Iovacchini, Co-Founder & CEO of Kettlespace.

Nick Iovacchini is a serial founder with a proven track record of building successful ventures across a wide range of industries. Companies founded by Nick have grossed $70MM+ in revenue, sold 10MM+ consumer products, and provided hospitality to 1MM+ patrons. Nick is currently a co-founder of KettleSpace, a company enabling smart hybrid work solutions with software, workspaces, and expertise. In his role as CEO at KettleSpace, Nick oversees product, operations, and growth.

Today we discuss:

  • Why the hybrid model is here to stay
  • How to run an effective hybrid hiring model

Challenge today? 

  • Gen Z- values freedom
  • People enjoying the upside to working from home
  • 40% of workers will quit if they have to go back
  • Operationalize hybrid & gather the right data to know if it is working

Why is this important to the company?

  • Value talent- talent concern
  • Power dynamics between worker and boss have changed
    • Worker is in a stronger position of negotiation
    • Apple revolt- 
  • Global shakeup

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Target the strongest people -nation wide

How do we solve the problem?

  • Gather task force of people

    • HR, c suite, 
    • Look at new paradigm
    • Employee input
  • Establish KPI’s, Objectives & Steps to take (# days in the office)
    • Success Metrics -- Engagement & Productivity Measurements
    • General “Direction” for Hybrid - 50/50 vs 3 days a week vs. self-select all remote, all in-office, hybrid
    • Set timelines 
    • Plan for Change Management / Communications
  • Operationalize
    • Tooling
    • Decisions / policies
    • Implementation
    • Data Collection / 
    • Monitor and iterate

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Target hiring: cross industry/competitors

    • Personal contact information
  • Performance metrics for each role- 90, 180 days
  • Run HireOS

Key Takeaways -Value:

  • According to McKinsey 90% of companies plan to be hybrid, but nearly 70% don’t have a plan or the tooling yet to implement it -- need to move towards solutions
  • The key is accepting the fact that this environment will be changing, need to adopt a test/learn approach -- plan for adaptation
  • Whether you are early or late to the hybrid party, at the end of the day this is what the talent wants and over time the majority of the workforce will demand -- early adopters will have advantages to retaining and attracting top talent


Nick Iovacchini: LinkedIn 

Company:  Kettlespace  Facebook  Instagram  Twitter  YouTube


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