What do perspective Employees really want? A Personal connection or an automated interaction? I argue personal connection!My hope is that AI will be the disruptor that eliminates the transactional relationship from the recruiting process. AI is here and already starting to affect the way in which people interact with potential employers.  

Today’s Quote:

"Automation is going to cause unemployment, and we need to prepare for it." - Mark Cuban

 Our Guest:

Liran Kotzer, Founder & CEO of Woo.io. A serial entrepreneur, Woo.io is Liran’s third startup. For the past decade, he has been immersed in helping redefine and advance the online tech recruiting and hiring market sector. Liran spotted a market gap for helping employers and tech talent find each other much more efficiently, without all the hassles and wasted cycles between the two groups.

Show hightlights:

  • Where AI is already having an impact & where it is REALLY useful
  • Should you Leverage AI to maximize your impact (employment brand awareness)

What AI can and cannot do NOW in terms of recruiting

  • very interaction is totally transactional- can not be humanized...yet
  • Can’t yet fake a “Personal” connection
    • The nuances of human interaction
  • @scale- need technology to do the heavy lifting
  • Continuing an ongoing relationship
    • Automation using AI & ML
  • What do people (candidates) really want?
    • Personal connection to release or an automated release?
    • Communication, feedback & closure
  • Cultivate a relationship for relevant skills for future
    • Can automation REALLY cultivate relationships??
    • No- Neither can email or texting

What recruiting functions is AI replacing

  • Transactional components

    • Sourcing, Gathering intel (contact information), Farming
  • Process

Where is AI in recruiting relevant now

  • AI & ML to keep a pipeline warm.

    • Ability to create communication with the candidate in a unique & personalized way to help them to keep them engaged. To be able to recognize changes in behavior.
  • Understand your relevant audience. Can do the job and feed the culture (flexible)
  • Expand your target audience ("official" resume vs. True Skills)
  • Content?
  • Skills-based recruiting

Take Aways

  • Shifting from transactional recruiting into a long term relationship is a critical component for winning the right talent ahead of the competition
  • Technology can mainly assist you in maintaining long term relationships with your pool of talent and also with scouting the right people at the right time
  • Technology will not replace human interaction.
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