Ever finished an interview with a great person and just felt unsure or maybe you need more data to make the decision either way?

This all too common scenario is caused by a poorly executed interview process and not asking intentional questions designed to gain the evidence to support a decision either way. Today we will be discussing how to avoid the pitfalls of this conundrum when hiring for your company.

Our guest today: Steve Pfrenzinger   CEO & Head Peformance Coach of Pfrenzinger Agency, Inc.

Steve Pfrenzinger is an entrepreneur, a coach to entrepreneurs and a Hall of Fame investor in entrepreneurs.  He’s also an author, speaker, and Self-Awareness expert helping entrepreneurs, innovators and change agents solve big problems. Steve is also a Forbes Coaches Council member.  

Using his decades of experience building multiple 8-figure businesses, where he hired over 1,000 team members,  Steve has helped hundreds of clients make better decisions, plus expose their career and business blind spots that can clear their path to success. 

Today we are discussing

  • Why gathering evidence is critical to support your decision
  • What Steps need to be taken to avoid this conundrum 

Why is gathering deep evidence important

  • You have found a very good candidate, but you are just a little unsure, you want one more data point
  • E.G., 3 said yes and one said no or “not sure”. then what?
  • Finding out how people are “wired mentally” in DISC or Myers & Briggs might impact the decision 

Why is this important

  • Personality type is a predictor of future behavior and key to major hiring decisions
  • Knowing one’s “preferences” is key, how they “lean” in certain situations, e.g., Thinker vs Feeler 
  • Ask Steve to define a “preference” 

4 elements to the personality

  • Compare DISC styles to Myers & Briggs types.  Cheat sheet below.  If you know one, you know the other.  If you know neither, you need to find out. 

    • D = ET   (Dominance = Extroverted Thinker)
    • I = EF   (Influence = Extroverted Feeler)
    • S = IF    (Stability = Introverted Feeler)
    • C = IT    (Consciousness = Introverted Thinker)

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Interview questions need to be intentional
  • Digging deeper uncovers the truth…. How & Why?
  • Must avoid injecting your own personal bias/agenda

How do we do it?

  • Ask them for their DISC style or M&B type
  • Have them take a test at www.16personalities.com
  • Fast type them with Steve’s 2-page form, uses easy-to-learn computer metaphor
  • Fast typing form, Steve has one for all that ask.  Contact him at steve@stevepfrenzinger.com

What is Fast Typing?

  • PIPO  model

    • Power
    • Imput
    • Process 
    • Output

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Proper sequence: Interview => Assessment => Interview close
  • Assessments often done too soon

Key Takeaways:

  •  Personality Type and the behavioral preferences (tendencies) it highlights can further insure the success of key hires.  
  • You can fast type others without a formal test in minutes, with the PIPO fast typing form

Check steve out at www.coachstevep.com or email him at steve@stevepfrenzinger.com He has many coaching and educational programs for executives and management teams, from entrepreneurial ventures to major corporations. 

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