Skills can be learned, but who a person is, is what determines a successful hire. This all comes down to core value alignment with the organization. 

Shared values create a much tighter bond and a more engaged team member. 

The correct answer is rarely hiring for skills. So consider alternative hiring initiatives like an apprenticeship program designed to purely foster career growth. 

Our guest today: Nicholas Wyman, President of IWSI America  

Nicholas is an international expert, particularly zero-ing in on CTE education, apprenticeship and training models in the US, UK, Germany, Switzerland and Australia.  Wyman writes opinion pieces for Forbes, Quartz and Fortune, appearances on National Public Radio, he has notched top education writer on LinkedIn.

Today we discuss:

  • Why an apprenticeship program might be the key to unprecedented company growth
  • 6 step process to build a program at your company

Challenge today?

  • Can't find people with the skills they need
  • Employers need to do more to train people
  • Design an apprenticeship program or internship model needs to be turned upside down
  • Misconception that because a lot of 
  • Young people who have not been able to get a start
  • Displaced people who need a fresh start

Why is this important to the company?

  • Skills gap has gotten wider
  • Economic uncertainty
  • Global economic changes
  • Impact of new govt coming in
  • We will not be returning to normal
  • Need to really look at your talent strategy

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Apprenticeships for those in career transition- modern elders

How do we build an apprenticeship program into your company?

Six Step Plan: 

1 - Identify the apprenticeable occupations

2 - Form a team to run the program

  • Internal team- leadership support
  • Identify coaches / mentors

3 - External partners

  • Deliver Training has to be structured
  • Training provider
  • State funding assistance 

4 - Define training goals & Wage schedules

5 - Marketing & Recruitment of the program 

  • Brand it & give identity

6 - Develop an ongoing evaluation process

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Develop everything around your true corporate values
  • Interview process that uncovers evidence to support the hire

Key Takeaways:

  • Broadening your view on who you might employ - broader than diversity, disability - more women (women and youth disproportionately impacted by Covid)
  • Get people engaged- lost generation of young people
  • Take a long range view to skills development
  • Rock solid, top down support- can not be just another training initiative

Guest Links:

LinkedIn: Nicholas Wyman

Website: IWSI America

Twitter: @nicholas_wyman


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