Are Strategy and Systems missing in your hiring process?

The answer is most likely “Yes” as 99.9% of entrepreneurs approach hiring as a reactive activity based on a current need. This is dangerous because it perpetuates the transactional mindset that sets you up for failure.

Strategy is not about “how do I turn on the funnel”. Strategy is about how you identify, contact & engage with the person who will thrive in your business. This means being able to articulate your value to align with each individual.

But, strategy is not enough to get an A-player to join your company. The structure of your interview process is the System that demonstrates excellence within the organization. And excellence is what every high performer strives for in their next company.

Guest Bio:

Hilmon Sorey is Co-Founder of CoachCRM sales coaching software for managers; Co-Founder of ClozeLoop, a sales strategy, training, and enablement firm with offices in New York, Houston, Silicon Valley, and Johannesburg; Partner in 2.12 Angels as a seed-stage venture capital firm; and author of 8 top-selling books on sales, sales management, and coaching. 

He has helped build teams in companies that range from early-stage startups to Salesforce, Box, SurveyMonkey,, and some of the fastest-growing companies in the world totaling over $600B in valuation and market cap. 

 He’s an award-winning trainer who has trained over 15,000 salespeople and over 5,000 executives. He is a sought-after speaker around the globe and a Forbes contributor.

Today We Discuss:

  • The 4 S’s: Strategy, Systems, Staff & Skills
  • How to implement the missing pieces into your organization

Challenge Today?

  • Ensuring that you are hiring the right people who will have impact
  • Understanding go-to-market strategy in how you hire
  • Strategy and Systems absent in most hiring process
  • How Companies Scale and How to Use Hiring as Competitive Advantage

Why is this important to the company?

  • Ask any CEO of a Unicorn what they consider to be their competitive advantage.   They’ll say their people.  
  • Tech eventually equals out, Markets change, Investors are wonderful - but even they invest in people.

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Strategy absent:

    • No time to do it
    • Feel it’s not important
      • It’s all bullshit anyways
  • System
    • No time to set up or train
  • The results you get are the fruits of the effort of the work put.

How do we solve the problem? 

  • Strategy 
    • Understanding GTM strategy
    • Competitive Differentiation (direct, indirect)
    • Winning Zone
    • Messaging and Channels
  • Systems 
    • Agile Tech Stack
    • Sales & Marketing Playbooks
    • Feedback Loop and Ecosystem
  • Staff   
    • Sales Strategy
    • Competency Matrix
    • Methodology for Alignment (proof)
    • Culture 
  • Skills
    •  Training
    • Coaching
    • Margin Gains

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Strategy:

    • Only hire people who align with company values!
    • Learn early
      • Understand YOU first
      • Only meet people who “lean in” 
  • System
    • Interview process

      • Documented, and communicated, 
  • Skills
    • Train your people

Key Takeaways that the Audience can plug into their business today! (Value):

  • Focus on Strategy and Systems to create scale. 
  • Hiring is as critical as identifying customers

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