Today's Guest: Jerri Rosen, Founder & CEO of Working Wardrobes

Jerri’s organization helps over 5,000 men, women, veterans and young adults each year re-enter the workforce with career development services and professional wardrobing.

Today we are discussing:

  • The hidden gem that is the veteran pool
  • How to find and hire veterans to diversify your talent pool

Why Companies don't actively seek to hire veterans?

  • Bias
  • Think they all have ptsd
  • Not knowing the value of the training that vets get in the military
  • Not knowing the true value
  • Too much bad press 
  • Painting with a brush that is very negative
  • Vets fall on hard times because they miss the discipline/brotherhood

Why is this important to the company to hire veterans?

  • Intense loyalty, when treated with dignity
  • Absolutely mission driven
  • Path of a veteran
  • Make outstanding employees
  • Can help recruit -underground network

How do we find and hire veteran talent? Decide to hire outside your comfort zone

  • Outstanding, dedicated people

Finding Vets

  • Active duty national guard or reserves (highly under employed)
  • Vet spouses, 
  • Military connection through working wardrobes, on your own
  • Vetnet team

Interviewing & Hiring 

  • Understand a MOS- military status

    • Translate what was done in the military to civilian language
    • Look past the acronyms
  • Look for the passion & talents 
  • Experience & gravity of the work 
  • Look past the stoic demeanor
  • Recognize that task at hand/orders need to shift to a “going above and beyond” mindset
    • Requires a bit of patience 
  • Hire as normal
  • Understand that everything was provided for them in the military
  • Learning to operate in a very different world & culture
  • Different level of expectations 

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Dig deeper on what work was done and look for transferable skills to justify 

Key Takeaways:

  • Veterans become a much better employee 
  • Veterans also bring a network of additional talent
  • Looking to hire veterans, WW can be the one stop shop. Hidden Talent Pool!

Working Wardrobes is Rebuilding Careers, and we’ve teamed up with Hire Power Radio Show & Podcast to support this initiative.

The Hire Power Radio team has created limited edition shirts, the proceeds of which benefit Working Wardrobes. Together we can make a small dent in reeducating, coaching and providing resources for our transitioning veterans, professionals and workers affected by the current world landscape.

Get yours here: T-shirts

Guest Contact:

Website: Working Wardrobes

Office Number: 714-210-2460


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