Our guest today: Jodi Duva, Vice President of Cox Business 

Jodi is responsible for leading a world-class team delivering customized communications solutions to local business communities. Duva oversees sales and service delivery across all sales channels and has been leading one of the organization’s largest and fastest growing sales teams and consistently delivering double-digit growth.   

Jodi is very involved in the community, and serves on the boards for Orange County Business Council and Girl Scouts of Orange County.  She plays an active role in both boards, chairing or co-chairing key committees.  Duva also gives back through volunteerism.  Fun fact: Duva grew up in the Boston area and is an avid New England sports fan. 

Today we discuss:

  • The importance of mental health of your people
  • How to build mental health culture to increase productivity 

Challenge today in this work from home environment?

  • Virtualizing workforce yet keeping them nimble and able to pivot for life’s everyday challenges (or something more creative) 
  • Keeping mentally connected and productive 
  • Human connection and preserving your sanity and Cox’s brand is based on “Life gets better when we have moments of real human connection”
  • Working from home can lead to increased productivity and happy employees, but for some, it can cause feelings of isolation, increased stress (working too many hours and not stepping away), wearing too many hats - are you employee, mom, teacher, etc…., lack of recognition

Why is this important to the company?

  • Maintaining human connections
  • Productivity has not dropped off and in some cases, even gone up
  • Engagement challenges

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Relationships are starting virtually now. Important to create bonding moments starting with the interview. 

    • Extra time to become comfortable
    • Invite perspective employees to virtual team based events
    • Obvious solution: Implementing a policy of “me” time. Exercising, meditating and/or unplugging to balance one's self. - must alone time!

How do we keep our people sane?

  • Get creative!  Think outside the box.  Provide tools for your employees, but personalize it and JOIN THEM!  Be vulnerable, be silly, be human.   
  • Fun ideas:  Selfie contests, Five for Fitness, Pet “yappy hour” (bring your pet to virtual happy hour)
  • Yelling at your kids without the “audience” on your Zoom meeting catching on.
  • Create Fun:  Pickle ball court, Beer Die Table – wait am I teaching my kids how to play drinking games?  Should I be ashamed or should I take the other side – well, if they are good at it when they get to college, then that means less drinking right?
  • Filming Music Videos – Post your best music video to a Rick Astley Song - “Never Gonna Give You Up” –  Toilet Paper dance and “Together Forever” – husband wore a dress and the wife was Rick Astley in the suit…..   

Digital access to physical & mental well being

  • Zoom happy hour
  • Bring dog to a meeting
  • Selfie contests
  • Video challenges (fun) 

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Implement Mental health policies NOW! 
  • “Flag & Tag” in Communication Tool
  • Calendar time into people’s schedules

Key Takeaways:

Be a leader that encourages/requires your people to do these things.  And don’t forget to recognize openly and often for accomplishments.  A simple email or phone call goes a long way!  

  • Schedule analog breaks - No technology allowed!
  • Get up and move!  Fitness breaks
  • Make time for your favorite people
  • Enjoy the wonders of nature AKA Go outside!
  • Just say “no” - find balance
  • Share and celebrate successes

Guest Contacts:

Jodi's LinkedIn  or Email: jodi.duva@cox.com


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