In today’s hiring market, People have options, know they are in the driver's seat. It is really not entirely your choice anymore! Here’s the kicker, People are totally willing to walk away from your opportunity if you can not effectively communicate value above and beyond a paycheck.  “What’s in it for Them”.

Today’s Quote:

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding

 - Khalil Gibran

Show Highlights:

  • Why, in today’s market, people are willing to drop your company in a heartbeat
  • What to do to stop the madness
  • Provide a framework

What is it that people want?

  • They don't want to be sold!

    • want to know what’s in it for me?
    • How are you going to make me better, train me or develop me?
    • How are you going to recognize me?
  • Understand their needs & desires
    • People with options know they have options
    • If we don't answer the question correctly, they move on
    • Unearthing motivation for change.
    • Experiential learning.
  • Listen
    • Emotional engagement
    • Heal their pain
    • Fulfill their desire
    • Provide growth
  • Three Truths:
    • Nobody cares about you, your problems or your company
    • You are just adding to the noise- Good people are busy
    • Adapt or Perish
  • What to stop
    • Making the conversation all about you.
    • Hiring Managers & Recruiters want the easy work.

Structure to attract rather than repel:

    • Personalized toward the candidate
    • Preparation of the questions asked
    • Think through the solution for each individual person
    • Fitability- don't push the wrong candidate into the wrong role
  • Pacing
    • Fast but still check off all the boxes,
    • Pacing according to the candidate. Let the candidate drive the search. Be adaptive, meet them where they are.
    • Recognize how they want to be recruited
    • Make it about the person
  • Positioning
    • Give before you take
    • Gain understanding of the person first
      • Understand their career wound
    • Stop thinking - “how can I close this person”
      • Let the person close you
    • Play devil’s advocate
  • Connect the Dots!
    • People will tell you “Why” they want to join your company

William Tincup is the President of At the intersection of HR and technology, William is a sought after Writer, Speaker, Advisor, Consultant, Investor, Storyteller & Teacher. He's been writing about HR related issues for over a decade. William serves on the Board of Advisors / Board of Directors for 20 HR technology startups.

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