How many resumes do you need to see to fill a role? Let’s take it a step further. How many people do you need to interview to fill a role? If you guessed One, you are correct!

So, what is wrong with Gloria wanting to wait to interview other people before making a decision on the person that was just interviewed?.......Everything!

Waiting to interview other people is a ridiculously clear beacon that you have a weak interview process. Not being able to gather enough data and make a decision within 24 hours is not only a waste of your time, but the other person’s as well. 

Comparison shopping is how bad hiring decisions are made.

Our guest today: Jodi Brandsttetter, Chief Talent Strategist of Lean Effective Talent Strategist, LLC

Jodi is passionate about talent acquisition and uses design thinking in creating selection and hiring processes focused on people and business. She is certified through IDEO U in design thinking. 

Jodi is the CEO and founder of Lean Effective Talent Strategies which includes The Hiring Blueprint, talent acquisition consulting firm and Talent Acquisition Evolution, a community for recruiting professionals to connect, learn, and work together. 

Today we discuss:

  • The dangers of comparison shopping when it comes to hiring
  • A plan of attack to enable quick decision making for each individual interviewed

Why do we feel like we want to see more people before we make a decision?

  • The hiring manager lacks confidence in making a decision with just one interview.
  • Being able to communicate the desire skill set and experience needed to find the best candidate
  • Understanding the motivators
  • Miscommunication between the manager and recruiter on the best candidate for the role
  • Or no communication between the manager and recruiter 
  • Not everyone is the same person- shrug off bad hires
  • Stupid Assumptions!

Why is this important to the company?

  • Having confidence in pulling the trigger with the first person will lower time to hire/fill.
  • By hiring the first person who is align with the role, there can be a positive impact on the business in a faster time frame.
  • Builds a stronger relationship with the hr/recruiting team when a hiring manager knows what they need and able to make decisions in a timely manner.

People will judge you based on the quality of your questions. Therefore, your interview questions must be intentional and have a specific purpose. 

How do we solve the problem?

  • Recognize that you do not have the tools and experience in hiring to have real confidence in your hiring decisions.

    • Join Hiring Managers Anonymous, a community for hiring managers who have a hiring problem.

      • Step 1: Admit that you have a hiring problem 
      • Step 2: Believe that there are tools and training available to help you.
      • Step 3: Find training and tools to help you become a confident hiring manager.
      • Step 4: Start your learning journey with the training & tools
      • Step 5: Make a Candidate Persona to understand who your ideal candidate is and focus on them.
      • Step 6: Communicate with your recruiter/recruiting team so that they can find the ideal candidate for you.
      • Step 7: Use the training and tools to make decisions while interviewing.
      • Step 8: It is ok to fail. Shake it off and try again.
      • Step 9: Be open to feedback and continue to improve.
      • Step 10: Once you become a confident hiring manager, carry this message to other hiring managers and continue to practice these principles.
      • 10  Step Program to Help Build Confidence in your Hiring Decisions
    • In order to have the confidence, you need help.

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Interview questions are the root of interview failure

    • Questions must be tied to corporate values
    • Linked questions have purpose & produce evidence
    • Eliminates bias
    • Promotes diversity in thought & experience
  • Train your employees how to interview 
    • Assign interview questions
    • Conversational evidence gathering

Key Takeaways -Value:

  • Join Hiring Manager Anonymous and find training and tools that will help you have confidence in hiring.
  • Use a Candidate Persona to create your ideal candidate.
  • Communicate who your ideal candidate is to your talent acquisition team and work in collaboration with them.
  • Be willing to fail. It is the only way you can learn.








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