Local hiring market is now gone!  Guess what! Today, your best people will be hired outside your geographical location.

Our guest today: Bradley Clark, Co-Founder & Product Strategy of RecTxt

Bradley Clark, who is both a recruitment leader and an actual entrepreneur himself. He’s the Co-Founder of Rectxt, a text recruiting platform, and after a long consulting career working with organizations like Samsung R&D, Boeing Labs, Plenty of Fish, Best Buy, he’s now leading recruitment at Article. 

Being on both the front line and talking to a number of companies and recruiters, with COVID and Work from anywhere -  he’s seeing this rapidly emerging trend of where top local talent is getting scooped up from outside the market. 

Today we are discussing:

  • Why your local talent pool will continue to dry up
  • How to counter this trend and give your company a competitive edge

Challenge today?

  • Candidate experience is consumer behavior. People do have a lot of buying power right now. With remote, you are able to buy anywhere right now.
  • Hiring local talent is now more competitive. Remote work will decimate your local hiring market. Already seeing it happen. Organizations say - work anywhere! Precedence to work anywhere led by tech giants.

Why is this important to the company?

  • The best people in your local area, are going to be out of your market

    • Transactional market/process will out bid you!
    • Disrupt smaller markets
    • Local discount is over

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Work from home has opened the flood gates

Adjust your mindset and start adjusting your processes:

  • Focus on growing your own talent

    • Finding ways to build your own people
    • Making them committed to you
    • Rewards & recognition (your cool office, and office based perks are no longer valuable, mental health is important)
  • Focus on Keeping them
    • Engagement 
    • What the work looks like and the meaning of that work
    • Flexibility & shift to output based
  • Interview process as a promoter rather than a bouncer
    • Mindshift change
    • Rather than no… who do I say yes to?
    • Speed & decisiveness
    • Pre-interview process
      • Understanding what the problem really is that they are trying to solve.
      • What skills are needed to solve that problem
      • Define what the person is really needed to do
      • You need to be able to identify the “what and why”
  • Interview process
    • Focus on the “how & when”
    • Selling the problem, how it is good for them
    • Identify people that want to be a Big fish in a small pond
    • Be decisive
  • Communication
    • Improve both the Speed of communication and keeping an open channel of communication. Get off email, this is why we created Rectxt. 

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Whats in it for me (not you) needs to be all you are con

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand they’re no longer competing locally for top talent, so they’ll have to change to compete (business can’t be the same as always)
  • Interview well with knowing what you want, then be decisive 
  • if/ when possible grow your own talent, then do everything you can to keep them

Guest Contact:

LinkedIn: Bradley Clark

Website: RecTxt


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