The usefulness or uselessness of AI & Employment branding in Recruiting. 

Today’s Quote: 

"This is what Steve Jobs understood: Brands are defined not by the best thing on the product but by the worst thing." 

- Robert Scoble

Guest Bio:

MJ Shores is a Chief Marketing Strategist and technology trends analyst. With a rich and diverse professional background in public policy, business, and technology, she is sought out for her far-reaching, cross-industry and cultural insights. MJ has been a panelist and keynote speaker at industry and special interest events around the globe. She has been featured  in Business Week, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, China Post, and other media.  

MJ developed her expertise through a career that spans working as a policy analyst at a think tank, serving in leadership roles at top global business schools (e.g., Wharton School of Business, UCLA, University of Moscow – Russia), and leading marketing efforts at technology firms (e.g., SaaS software, digital streaming or OTT), and others. She is involved in the local business community, where she is an acting Senior Strategic Advisor for Executive Next Practices (ENP).

Show Highlights:

  • The role AI plays in employment branding & hiring
  • What works & what doesn’t 
  • A road map of where & how to invest your time 



What is the relationship between AI & employment branding?

  • Your brand is created by the experience people have with your brand. AI helps you determine the truth between your perspective and what the market thinks. 
  • How you brand your company and serve your prospects. 

Where is it working?

  • Routine functions *** open up time for HR to engage with People ***
  • Extracting data
  • Automated process for scheduling & auto response
  • Monitoring your brand for good/bad feedback

 Where does it now work?

  • Tasks that require judgement
  • Inferences between intent and keywords
  • Still really in beta, not quite ready for primetime

Rick’s Input:

  • Administrative tasks
  • Resume screening- Both fail here
  • Does not engage people


How to best use AI


  • Spend $ on Training HR to identify and use technology. 
  • Rely on IT to identify and recommend tools. But IT does not understand Recruiting problems
  • Start with a simple chatbot to automate scheduling and response to website querrys/candidate questions
  • Social listening tools- candidate identification/sourcing
  • Red flag/background check piece as a final step
    • ethics & morality of this step

Rick’s two cents

  • AI cannot replace human interaction!
  • You still need to pick up the phone and find out the truth
  • Do NOT rely on tools or resumes to filter people in our out!

Key Takeaways:

  • Brands are No Longer Owned by Companies (in an era of skepticism of companies and traditional marketing, the voice of potential candidates and the public are central to your brand)
  • AI Enhances the Candidate Experience & Talent Acquisition
  • AI Will Enable HR to Become Human Again
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