Do company values really matter? They do if you are looking to scale a business.  In order to scale you need the strongest people, but the strongest p...View Details

Doom & gloom is the impending economic forecast according to the media. Having flourished through two previous recessions, I have learned to look ...View Details

We have all become painfully aware that cybercrime is at all-time record highs. Now the bad actors have figured out how to hack your hiring process. S...View Details

Last week I had a conversation with a CEO who thought it was too early to establish core values because his company was only 15 people. His thinking w...View Details

Are Strategy and Systems missing in your hiring process? The answer is most likely “Yes” as 99.9% of entrepreneurs approach hiring as a reactive activ...View Details

Why is the phone screen is the most underutilized tool in hiring today? There is this perception or fear that the person making the call will say the ...View Details

Two people pop into a room together for an interview. What happens next? No one knows!  This is the eternal mystery that most companies have faced for...View Details

One big thing that we have learned over the past year is that employers no longer have control over the people they hire. The balance of power has shi...View Details

Do you really need a data scientist for your startup? Throughout my career, I have placed a lot of data scientists at smaller companies. Most of the p...View Details

A company founder approached me last week with a problem. He has had a critical role open for the past 6 months and no one has accepted his offer. 5 p...View Details

A big push for people to return to the office is the argument that spontaneous interaction is critical to the growth of the business. The fear is that...View Details

We often hear data on how much bad hire costs you and your company. About 3x the person’s annual salary. But how much did the interview process itself...View Details

Let's face it, a lot of people are BAD at interviewing on both sides of the table.  It is easy to understand that candidates or job seekers are bad fo...View Details

Sometimes an innocent conversation during an interview can have horrific consequences, especially if you end up not hiring a person. The biggest probl...View Details

As a company founder you have A LOT on your plate. So much,  that it is often overwhelming so you scramble to delegate the things you don’t like to do...View Details

Let’s talk about why your company is not stacked with A-players. It is not because you cannot afford them. At its root, the reason is narrowed down to...View Details

Let’s talk about what really draws people to your company… and keeps them there. Trust Trust is what drives better decision making, customer experienc...View Details

In 2021 38 million people left their jobs and found new ones. This accounts for 57.3% attrition for US-based companies.  It seems as the trend continu...View Details

Today I’d like to start with a question: What if you could 15x your company in 24 months? We all understand that this is virtually impossible as a sol...View Details

How does one evaluate a subject matter expert when you have limited knowledge or expertise in that discipline? Most individual technical/skills based ...View Details

10 business days is the optimal time to bring an interview process to a successful outcome.  The way to achieve this is to tighten timelines from stag...View Details

The two biggest complaints I hear today from entrepreneurs are “I can't find good people” and “when I hire people, the skills don’t match up”. The fi...View Details

Two people sit down in an interview. What happens next??? What happens is that, well, we have no idea what happens.  But the data suggests that a deci...View Details

When time is of the essence and work needs to be executed, we often forego formalities and hop right into execution. Hiring a contractor or friend to ...View Details

Those of you who have listened to the show, know that I am no big fan of “employer branding” because I believe it is generic and unrealistic. Often se...View Details

As an entrepreneur, we all share one thing in common. Every single one of us has made a bad hire. Let’s define what a bad hire is. A bad hire is what ...View Details

We hear a lot about culture today as being the most important aspect of growth. Yet product development & sales are too often prioritized over peo...View Details

Sourcing talented people is a HUGE challenge right now. Over 38 million people quit their jobs in 2021. And a lot of them are not coming back. Then we...View Details

We are neck-deep into a highly competitive job seeker’s market. What this means is that the feeding frenzy for talent has created a perfect storm for ...View Details

People will only do something when it is in their own best interest AND aligns with our values.  This was a key takeaway for me from the book “What Go...View Details

Most of us have a tendency to fast track anyone who comes through an internal referral. The rationalization is that we automatically trust the referra...View Details

Finding the right people for your ground level startup is really hard!  As every startup founder can attest, there is just no playbook to getting the ...View Details

I sent out 63 inmails through linkedin a few weeks back and received only 2 responses. My mistake… I did not tailor my message to the individual. Now...View Details

We all have bought into the belief that following hiring best practices will ensure that we make the correct hiring decisions. Yet those best practice...View Details

Emotional Intelligence is defined as the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judic...View Details

How do you compete against a huge company like Amazon or even a really well funded startup?  If you are competing checkbook to checkbook, you will los...View Details

Asking for help as an entrepreneur is often a difficult thing to do. But it is the one thing you MUST do if you want to succeed.  I learned this from ...View Details

The reason we do this show every week is to dispel the commonly held belief that “there is no right way to hire”. Most entrepreneurs & investors b...View Details

We are in full swing of this “Great Resignation” and a record 4.3 million people quit their jobs in August.  If you are one of the business leaders wh...View Details

While everyone is chasing the same people, ie: those who work for competitors or the 3-7 year up-and-comers, there is a huge pool of talent that are o...View Details

Growing your company from 2 to 10 people is the most critical time in your company's life cycle. The reason for this is every single hire that is made...View Details

4 Million Americans quit their jobs in July of 2021 , according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. What this means is that you have a tremendous ...View Details

Time and People are the most precious asset your company has on the road to success or failure.  As leaders, It is our responsibility to protect the t...View Details

Hire slow, fire fast is a motto we have all heard as startup founders. It makes logical sense but what really happens is quite the opposite. As entrep...View Details

“There is work that needs to be done and I just need someone good to do the work” *** sigh *** This is what we tell ourselves when we decide to hire s...View Details

The first time I was fired was when I was 16 years old and working at Numero Uno Pizza. It happened really strangely, I went in to pick up my paycheck...View Details

Answer: Linking Corporate Values into Your Interview Questions eliminates bias I posed the question to a room of over 400 corporate executives and the...View Details

You are at the point in your business where the company is ready to hire the first person to head up a department (i.e.: sales, marketing, engineering...View Details

The key to retention is growth. With looming fears of “the great resignation” company’s are unsure as to how to structure the organization. Forcing a ...View Details

We can all agree that running a remote business has become very challenging from both a cultural and productivity perspective. If anything the past ye...View Details

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