Why is the phone screen is the most underutilized tool in hiring today?

There is this perception or fear that the person making the call will say the wrong thing and screw up the chances that the person will show up. So the phone screen is treated like a used car sale.

Tell people all the great things about our company, gather some basic information and invite the person in to interview.  And because we like them because look good on paper, we assume they will want to work for us.

Here’s the truth: High performing people do not want to work for your company based on your sales pitch. What people want is to be understood and to be positioned where they can deliver the greatest impact.

How do I get better with phone screens? 

Today we’re going to discuss:

  • Why Phone screens (Discovery calls) are critical to hiring A-players
  • The most important question you need answered before you bring ANYONE in for an interview

Challenge today?

  • Phone Screen! - Discovery call

    • Often skipped
    • Viewed as a time waster
      • Real time waster is the interview
      • 90% of the people that get interview will position themselves out
  • The most important question:
    • “What are 3 or 4 main criteria you need to see in an opportunity for you to accept an offer with a company”

Why is this important to the company?

  • First impression of your company
  • You need people to show up to your interview
  • Understand how to close the person at the end of the proces

How do we solve the problem? 

  • Value the Discovery call

    • Prioritize time   
  • Make the decision to call EVERYONE
    • Basic screening eliminates the bottom 10% but also the top 10%
    • A-players often hide 
  • Positioning before skills
    • Pain, Desire & Impact
    • Common info (skills, commute, interviewing, compensation expectations) 
  • Wrap up 
  • Main Criteria Question
    • “3 or 4 main criteria you need to see in an opportunity for you to accept an offer with a company”
  • Confirm if they desire what you offer
  • How you can get me to join your company!
  • Connect the dots
    • Allows them to take ownership
    • They show up, ready to succeed

Key Takeaways -Value:

  • Prioritize the phone screen/discovery call
  • Look for alignment of positioning for EVERY person you talk to BEFORE they are brought in for an interview 
  • Let the person ask for the interview


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