“But I have managed to hire two rockstars without having any formalized hiring structure” Said my friend Anthony.  To which I quickly replied back “I’d rather be lucky than good”!

It is great to have a few “superstars” in your organization but it is outstanding to have an organization built entirely of well positioned, highly productive people, A-players.

Having a system for hiring is the only way to make the leap from average to extraordinary.

Our guest today: Robert Glazer, Founder & CEO of Acceleration Partners.

A global partner marketing agency, and the co-founder and Chairman of BrandCycle. A serial entrepreneur, he has a passion for helping individuals and organizations build their capacity to Elevate.

Robert was twice named to Glassdoor’s list of Top Small & Medium Companies CEO's (#2) and was selected as a Top 22 Conscious Business Leaders of 2019 by Conscious Company.

He speaks to companies and organizations around the world on topics related to business growth, culture, capacity-building and performance.

Today we discuss:

  • Why systems, especially in hiring, to win!
  • Robert’s process for hiring

Why are business leaders reluctant to follow a hiring system? 

  • Moving from a superstar hiring culture to a systematic process
  • Getting everyone to do work up front
  • Agreeing on what success looks like in the role
  • Clarity in the scorecard
  • Everyone to follow the process
  • Being thorough to meet objectives

Why is this important to the company?

  • Process pushes the responsibility of building great teams to the teams
  • Scalable in removing leadership from the process quickly
  • Scientific process and repeatable 

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Process & systems win
  • “I’m too busy and don't have time to sit down and develop a process” - You
  • Hiring process needs to be driven by leadership
  • Hiring the strongest people, needs to be your strongest talent

How do we solve the problem? 

  • Collect process from other firms

    • Layout - read Who
  • Developing the playbook as a team
    • Eliminating the bias & urgency
    • Clear on qualities & outcomes 
    • Making everything behavioral based 
  • Training the playbook 
    • Train & certify on the process
    • No interviewing unless you are and expert on the process itself
    • Evaluate interviews 
  • Following the process
    • Look at the data and scorecards, not gut 
  • Improving the playbook based on mistakes
    • Debriefed on mid hires and find the holes in the system 
    • Get uncomfortable and figure it out now

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Read Healing Career Wounds (Available May 20 - Preorder on Amazon)
  • HireOS interview process -
  • Role playing - best training!
  • Scorecard = performance metrics - measurable / timeline

Key Takeaways -Value:

  • Your current hiring process is probably no better than 50/50
  • Based on individuals not a repeatable process 
  • A good process also really helps with remote hiring 
  • This is the #1 way to improve your culture 




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