It is time to change our mindset on how to really attract and hire the strongest people. The answer is not having the  greatest recruiters or tools. It is not about having strong “employer branding” or compensation plans. The answer is really simple... It is about gathering the evidence in the interview to support the decision without assumptions & bias. 

Leadership drives hiring , not recruiting or HR. 

Mic drop moment: There are two critical components to your people function. Recruiting & Hiring. Recruiting is run by, well, recruiters and Hiring is run by hiring managers, executives & founders. 

To land the strongest people for your organization both functions must have structure, synergy and adequate training to be successful. 

Our guest today: Brian Breth, Riot games alumni & former VP of Talent Acquisition at Fair

Brian is a talent acquisition leader and US Marine Corps veteran with 20 years of experience forging, adapting, and applying best practices to complex business challenges in recruiting. He has a proven track record as an entrepreneurial leader whose ability to align teams, enact change, and build sustainable frameworks enables businesses to attract top talent and become more efficient, productive, and competitive.

Specialties: Global talent acquisition strategy and operations, leadership coaching and development, team-building and communication, process development and implementation, networking.

Brian was responsible for scaling Rubicon Project from 200 to almost 800 people in two years.

Today we discuss:

  • Why Quality is more important when you scale
  • How to scale without sacrificing quality

Challenge today?

  • Scaling quickly without sacrificing quality
  • Mindset
    • Lets get people as fast as we can
    • Competing for talent
    • Finding the best people
    • Not clear into what the values are then translating it to others
  • Managing the expectations of investors
    • Growth at whatever cost is dangerous

Why is this important to the company?

  • A startups evolution 
  • Culture is the most important element for founders
    • Desire for culture conflicts with the investors desires for rapid growth
    • To become a competitor you NEED the best people

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Understanding what you are up against today
  • Flip the funnel upside down
  • Work referrals at scale

How do we solve the problem? 

  • Acquisition 

    • Understand that hiring people needs to be understood by leadership
    • A commitment from leadership
    • Cannot just set it & forget it
    • Just as important as your new product pipeline
    • Alignment at the executive level as to where and how they want to compete for talent
    • Realistic on what you can pay
    • Value prop - speaking to what is important to the person from a more intrinsic value.  What’s important to me?
    • Build out the people function 
  •  Retention
    • Invest internally to retain them
    • Value - a future to live into
    • People leave because they no longer see a future for themselves
    • Develop leader to provide the future for each team member

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Understand each individual’s pain, desire & impact
  • Invest in the discovery call!
    • 45 minutes saves hours in the long run
    • Crucial checkpoint

Key Takeaways -Value:

  • Founders look at what you are investing in your people function
  • What you invest in talent acquisition you should be investing into leadership training to get them really good at hiring

Guest Links:

Brian Breth: LinkedIn 

Website: Riot Games   Fair   TechRecruit Conference 


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