What if you completely eliminated the resume from your entire hiring process?

Now you might be thinking, “how is that even possible”? Well, lets’ divulge a few truths about the resume. First, all resumes lie. Not only in what is written but more importantly, what is not. Really the most valuable information on a resume is the contact information and the white space. And the white space is where the truth is found.

Today we discuss how to effectively circumvent the resume to uncover the strongest talent while minimizing your time investment in sifting through piles of resumes. 

Our guest today: Dr Michael Neal, Founder & CEO of Build My Team

Dr. Michael Neal is an Eye Doctor in private practice and the Founder of Build My Team. After years of struggling with bad hires, he invented a scientific assessment system to predictably discover diamonds in the rough - all without looking at resumes.  

Dr. Neal and Build My Team erase all the guesswork with their scientific hiring process. They remove those who can’t do the job using their unique combination of scientific assessments for mindset, learning speed, motivation, strengths and talents. This saves business owners valuable time and helps eliminate high turnover. 

Today we discuss:

  • Why we need to kill the resume
  • How to effectively hire without a resume

What are the challenges with the resume?

  • At the end of the day, leaders just want to know who to hire
  • Resumes get in the way every step of the process until the end
  • A resume does not tell you anything useful
    • Address is the most useful thing (tells commute time)
  • Mostly made up- inaccurate information

Why is this important to the company?

  • Resumes lead people down the wrong path

    • Fictional failure file
    • Bias
    • Does not tell you who the person is
  • Inertia - lead into the funnel
  • Replace the resume with a scientific assessment
  •  97% accurate 

Rick’s Nuggets

  • All Resumes LIE
  • Hiring for Skills is a recipe for disaster
  • This includes Vanity Hires
  • A Call to Action is a powerful screening mechanism
  • Added to the job description
  • Provides insight into the person

How do we solve the problem?

  • Be open to a better way

    • If the current method is working, 
    • Enjoy the misery of being on the hiring hamster wheel
    • Ready for better results
    • Pain: time, emotional, 
  • Use assessments
    • Build your person and identify the superstars
    • Reject concept of experience
    • Eliminate the con-people and manipulators
  • Reverse engineer what the right person looks like
    • Being categorically honest
    • Accepting the truth- hire people around the leaders
    • Identify a specific mindset
    • Eliminate entitlement
  • Interview
    • Do not bring the resume into the interview

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Invest the time cultivating Referrals first
  • Targeted recruiting
  • Job postings
  • Discovery Call!
  • Determines if the person has the correct positioning first
  • Understanding Pain, Desire & Impact 

Key Takeaways -Value:

  • The stress you are under as a business owner with hiring is totally avoidable
  • Replace mediocre team members with superstars
  • An 80% staff replacement resulted in an 82% profit increase

Guest Links:

Michael Neal: LinkedIn 

Company: Build My Team  Facebook  


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