Today I’d like to start with a question: What if you could 15x your company in 24 months?

We all understand that this is virtually impossible as a solopreneur. As delegation creates the space for growth. 

It is very possible for you to 15x your business by dedicating yourself to becoming really good at hiring. This starts with changing your attitude. “I hate hiring”, or “I’m not good at hiring” or “I'll delegate this to someone else” will not get you where you want to go. It also sets you and your team up for failure.

Today is your wake-up call to embrace getting really good at hiring.

Because the lifeblood of Your business is WHO you hire.


Johnny Robinson is owner of Orange Window Cleaning & Mary & A Mop (Maid Service).

During his freshman year of college, Johnny and his best friend Sergio started a window cleaning company by going door to door to small mom and pop businesses. As they continued to pound the pavement, the business started to grow through word of mouth. They started to see the potential for an actual business by building a great reputation, and doubling down on digital marketing. 

Fast forward to today, Orange Window Cleaning has AT LEAST doubled every year since starting the business. One key component to this rapid growth has been hiring for performance.

Today we discuss:

  • Why it is important change your relationship with hiring

Hiring Story

Johnny’s Story - employee doing cocaine at the customer's house. Left residue in the bathroom. 2 months of problems ignored. Operated out to the scarcity mindset and kept them.  Confronted and they wouldn’t own up to it. The customer sent pictures. Fired them on the spot.

Shifted mindset- take hiring process more seriously

Challenges today?

  • Running off emotion over kpi’s
  • Hate hiring!
  • Hiring whoever/ too fast
    • Desperate for people 
    • Hiring family or friends
  • Keeping people too long

Why is this important to the company?

  • Hiring is hard
  • Hard to see the problems when you are in the trenches
  • Treat hiring like marketing-
    • Keep the funnel full when you run into problems

Rick’s Nuggets:

  • Don't hate hiring if you are good at it
  • Tell yourself- I’m Awesome at hiring 
  • The lifeblood of your business is who you hire

How do we solve the problem? 

  • Listen to podcasts related to industry
    • Home Service Expert
  • Stop taking referrals from the wrong people (c- players)
    • Hired 2 people from one underperformer 
  • Vetting with pre-qualification questions tied to core values
    • Situational questions
    • Hired one of their best people this way
  • Always be hiring
    • Funnel full of applicants
    • Run ads - like sales
    • Appointment setter (vetting) and Interviewer -closer 
  • Performance based pay structure
    • Incentive based- review bonus, upsell bonus, 
    • Commission - selling a neighbor
    • Hourly was killing morale 
    • rewarded for hard work

Rick’s Nuggets:

  • Hire power radio?? 
  • Document & Practice 
    • Treat like your pitch deck
    • Internalize and teach
  • Discovery call

Key Takeaways that the Audience can plug into their business today! (Value):

  • Performance based pay structure - making sure our employees were aligned with the companies goals - growth
  • ABH - Always be hiring
  • Join a peer group - EO

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