Making a strong hire starts with attracting the right people. Knowing who the right hire is the first step. But in order to attract the right people there needs to be a message that resonates with the individual and motivates them to respond. 

Today we are talking about hacking your hiring through the use of communication profiles.

Today’s Quote: 

"Hacking involves a different way of looking at problems that no one's thought of."Walter O'Brien

CEO of Scorpion Computer Services and executive producer of the TV series Scorpion

I’m Rick Girard and welcome to the Hire Power Radio Show. Our mission is to help Entrepreneurs and hiring managers to avoid costly hiring mistakes by identifying a specific problem and provide proven solutions to enable you to WIN the right hire. We share insights from top-performing rebel entrepreneurs, disruptors & industry experts. 

Like our guest today:  Christopher Hadnagy, CEO of Social-Engineer, Inc.

Chris Hadnagy is a professional social engineer, author of 4 books, and keynote speaker. He’s the CEO of Social‐Engineer, LLC, a company who serves some of the globe’s largest organizations. Additionally, Chris provides free resources, including the world’s first Social Engineering Framework, via Social-Engineer.Org, and heads the Innocent Lives Foundation, a non-profit that unmasks anonymous child predators. 

So Christopher knows hacking! Which makes Christopher a perfect expert for today’s topic.

Christopher, Welcome to the Hire Power Radio Show today! 

Today we are going to discuss:

  • Identifying the right person
  • Crafting the right messaging to attract 
  • Logical steps to weed out the obvious


  • Really bad hires! 

    • People look great on the surface
    • Not showing up for work
    • Quitting fast

Why am I having an issue getting good employees? 

  • *** realize how much time you spend on the back end when you hire with the wrong people

    • Aftermath 
    • Lost over 100 hours and thousands of dollars 
    • Killed company morale
  • Outline the type of person you want before you start interviewing
    • Thinking about the work that needs to be accomplished
    • Defining expectations up front
    • Managing your own expectations- avoid unreasonable tasks
    • Experience expected to have

Rick’s input

    • Create messaging around the personality profile of a successful hire
    • Pain, Desire & Impact

How do we fix it?

  • Determine the best communications profile first
  • Write the job description with keywords that attract the right people
    • Describe the words and language to attract the right person. 
    • Detract the wrong people. 
  • Logic steps to weed out the obvious
  • A list of questions to determine the right fit, video interview to whittle down to 3
    • Give the disc test - confirm communication style
    • Weed out the wrong cultural fit
  • Confirm what is really needed with who the person is

How does one determine the right messaging?

  • Disc profiling roles (general)

    • D- management, leadership,  - Aware D - understands how they communicate
    • I- Sales, public speaking, Training
    • S- HR, support role,
    • C- Accounting, office management - detail & organization

Rick’s Nuggets:

  • One size fits all messaging does not work
  • Create messaging with a call to action to minimize 
  • Performance metrics attract the right people
  • Plan and put process in place 

Key Takeaways:

  • Time invested in the prework saves thousands of dollars for the company
  • Define what it is that a person must have
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