Today we are taking an honest look at your hiring record. Data does not lie!

The success or failure of your hiring is a direct result of your interview process. Everything from the messaging, the experience of the first contact through to the way the interview is conducted determines your hiring outcome. It is NOT money!!

A shift in mindset is needed to understand that people have options and your company is not as special as you think. You need to stand out. You can do this by providing growth.

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Today’s Quote:

"You have to create a track record of breaking your own mold, or at least other people's idea of that mold." - William Hurt

Guest Bio:

David Patterson is the Founder and Managing Director of The Kineta Group and, and also a member of Sanford Rose, a top-10 ranked world-wide retained search firm (Executive Search Review).

He is The SAP Recruiter, and helps CIOs, IT Execs, and Talent Acquisition Pros hire and retain the best SAP talent in the known Universe. In his 15 years as an SAP Recruiter, David estimated that he personally interviewed between 5,000-6,000 candidates for all levels to include Architect up through the C-Suite. 

Show Highlights: 

  • Why it is important to really dissect your hiring record
  • Understanding what success should look like
  • Evolve your own unique process into an experience that attracts the right people

Why is it important that you take an honest look at your hiring record

Your Hiring record is the result of your interview process.

What data should be measured?

  • Number of people interviewed to get to an offer 
  • How many people turned down your offer
  • Last 10-20 hires

What a record should look like?

  • Where people fell out… timing issues. The truth about taking too long, dropping the ball, the impressions you are leaving
  • Self-actualization- following the pack, 
  • Different interview process- repel as much as it attracts. How can I scare people off? (the anti-sell) - The Crossfit sell

Rick’s Input:

  • Retraction: Video interview is all good … one way video interviews- Bad Idea! 
  • Past performance is a key indicator of future performance
  • TRUTH: Money is not the reason someone turned down your offer
  • Data 
    • First Interview to Placement ratio
    • Offers extended
      • Accepted / Rejected

How do we fix a broken Hiring record?

Use the strategy to drive the message. 

  • Be polarizing to attract the people who love you
  • The majority of people don't get what you do, the ones that do become believers
  • Finding that career wound…the pain that they have become habituated too. That’s where you pivot!
  • (but you need to first find those common pains that most candidates in your industry have, as well as develop the skill to elegantly bring that out in people during interviews)

Create a “Special Sauce” where you attract the people you want. 

  • Cult-like following. Special tribe
  • Don't be afraid to repel the wrong people. 
  • People who are attracted to the mavericks

Assessment of why you hire the way you do. 

  • Not seeing all the right people out there
  • Based on the job descriptions
  • View on the JD flows into how to recruit
  • How you onboard/retain them 

Rick’s two cents:

  • Understand your Candidate 

    • Accept that you are one of many
  • Fill the gap in the person’s career 
  • Provide a growth road map
  • Target specific people and nurture 
  • 4:1 Interview to placement ratio

Key Takeaways:

 If you don’t want to be just another commodity employer, you need to:

  • Be willing to take a step back and figure out, fundamentally, the pains, fears, and dreams that drive the people you want to hire (and recognize that you are selling a product that solves a pain)
  • Be willing to draw pain and dreams out of the people you are interviewing (to see what makes them tick, in their heart)
  • Be willing to be polarizing and repel as much as you attract, if not more so!
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