To Cultivate Employee Engagement Focus on Performance Management & Personal Development

Our guests today: Michael Caito, CEO, Management Action Programs

Michael and two business partners launched Restaurants on the Run (ROTR) with a mere $6,000. His company experienced explosive growth after Michael attended a workshop hosted by Management Action Programs (MAP). 

After selling the business valued at 12x EBITDA, Michael seized an almost uncanny opportunity to purchase the very coaching firm that helped transform his own leadership and business development. He bought MAP in December 2017 and is now, serving as its CEO. 

Michael both gives back and pays forward what he learns: He has been a member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization and has served as its past Global Chairman. The balance truly matters, too, fueling his unstoppable energy, direction and focus, a discipline that transpires into positive action, producing results both on the job and at home.

Today we discuss:

  • Performance management & development: what is it? Why should it matter to me?
  • 5 steps to building a stronger organization

The roots of a successful company (engaged team) start with your hiring process

  • Snapshot of how things are done 
  • Demonstrates your commitment to performance 

Challenge today

Staying focused on what is vital today & moving toward innovation

  • First the focus was on cash
  • Non market forces we can't control
  • Moving toward growth & innovation
  • It is all about process!
  • Fake it till you make it (imposter syndrome)
  • Accountability & focus alignment

Why is this important to the company

  • If you are not focused, you are everywhere
  • If people are not aligned, how are you getting the best self from your team
  • Strategy and not chasing shiny objects

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Growth must be known & demonstrated
  • Promoting within first, then gathering referrals
  • Focused and deliberate hiring process wins hires

How do we do it? 

5 Step process to drive: 

  • Accepting reality

    • Face the brutal facts of your business. You can't be hopelessly optimistic
    • Look at what’s really going on. Outside forces
    • Market & non market forces
  • Having empathy with your team
    • What are your people feeling?
    • You may just have to fake it. Take the steps to show that you are listening
  • Create an envisioned future that people can get behind
    • Place that people want to get to
    • Picture of where we are trying to go
  • Engage your team
    • Communication; work together
    • Stability plan first, where are we going first
    • Where we are going. Prioritize projects that move people forward
  • Process in place to hold people accountable
    • Cadence of accountability check ins
    • Monthly check in at the minimum
    • Problem solving exercises
    • KPI’s & cascading goal setting system
    • Everyone sets goals
    • Leader has to have the system in place to align the company. EOS, Gazelle,
    • Map One page business plan

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Reality - great companies find a way to grow through difficult times
  • Listen - to the people you interview. What’s important to them is what ensures a strong hire
  • Engage- coordinate delivery & feedback

Key Takeaways:

  • CEO needs to deep dive on themselves. 360 degree feedback to understand yourself and be vulnerable enough to share. Creates psychological safety with your team. Allows people to bring their best selves. 
  • Need a goal setting system in your company. Habits
  • Have a coach to hold you accountable. “It takes a village”

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