As a company founder you have A LOT on your plate. So much,  that it is often overwhelming so you scramble to delegate the things you don’t like to do as quickly as possible.

At the top of the delegation list is offloading hiring. Today I'm going to challenge you to own your people function for as long as possible because it is so critical to your success!.

Last week our guest, Steve Newcomb, exposed his key principles for building successful companies. The most important element in building a successful company is … the foundation.

“Do the big things right and then everything becomes exponentially easier”. This means doing the hard things first because if the foundation isn't right, everything else will be more difficult.

Getting really good at the things you hate… recruiting, interviewing & hiring, translates into onboarding the strongest people early and builds personal credibility in you as a leader.

Today we’re going to discuss:

  • Why you as the founder needs to own hiring as long as possible
  • How to build your foundation to enable your business to grow exponentially easier

Challenge today?

  • Founders can't wait to delegate hiring
  • Not good at it
  • Don't want to invest the time to learn
    • ROI?
  • Buy into the belief that there is no “Right Way” to hire
  • Don’t believe 

Why is this important to the company?

  • To Build a company:
  • Having a founder that is excellent at recruiting makes it easier to succeed
  • Build  a company that matters, 
  • Bonus: something with a mission that’s embedded into the product

How do we solve the problem? 

  • The Foundation

    • Pre-determine the Interview questions
    • Assign positions in the interview process
    • Assign interview responsibilities
    • Role play to gain competence throughout the interview
  • The interview
    • Start with the Discovery Call

      • Determine Positioning & Value
      • Positioning: Does what the interviewee desires align with what your organization is?
      • growth?
      • Value: Is this person an A-player? 
      • Evidence of impact that was made in the current role?
      • Step by step 
  • Founder leads recruiting (Steve Newcomb)
    • Communicate expectations to team
    • Shoot for the Moon
      • You can hire a-players
    • Treat everyone like gold
    • Do not waste the team's time with duds. 
  • Team Interviews scripted
    • Easy to gain evidence to support a decision
    • 3-4 questions each person for 45 minutes
      • Hell Yes….. or No
    • Skills Interview
      • Real life problem that will give an accurate experience of how the team will work together to solve problems
      • Prepare candidate for success or failure
    • Get & give feedback
      • Empower people to make the decision at each stage
      • Trust their decisions
      • Let the interviewee provide feedback

Key Takeaways -Value:

  • Strong foundation makes everything exponentially easier
  • Own hiring as long as you can
  • Set teams up for success by scripting the interview questions

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