Why Hiring through the pandemic is a strong Indicator of a innovative business.

“We have all been forced to pivot and now we are weathering the storm”  for most businesses.

Our guest today: Jay Connor, Founder & CEO of Learning Ovation

Recognized as an early thought leader in collective impact, Joseph A. “Jay” Connor, JD/MBA, is the Founder and Chief Executive of Learning Ovations, Inc.  The mission animating Learning Ovations is to have all students reading at or above grade level by the end of third grade.

Jay, a C-suite officer for two separate Fortune 500 corporations, has extensive leadership experience in the business, nonprofit, and public policy arenas.

Today we are discussing:

  • Why you should be hiring NOW
  • How to evaluate for the business and skate to the puck

Challenge today?

  • Is this company able to adapt and respond?
  • Have a future, capacity to respond to change vs. being changed
  • Higher quality people attracted to the company simply because they are hiring
  • People are open to talking.
  • Not hunkering down during pandemic is a sign that the company will thrive post covid

Why is this important to the company?

  • Expanding & growing in the face of problems 
  • Approaches & ways of doing things are more attractive to potential businesses. New approaches are welcome and critical to moving forward in the business.
  • Engagement at the strategic level is more accepted today. Requiring employees/people to expand their knowledge base.
  • We are in the second wave now and you can't be on the sidelines anymore!

How do we do it?

  • "Skating to where the puck is going to be." - Wayne Gretzky
  • Force yourself to ask “what is the opportunity”
    • What allows me to be active vs passive?
    • What windows are opening up when the doors are closed?
  • What do we need to do to skate to that puck?
    • Something need to change about what your delivering (product)
    • Or way to change about positioning, branding, communication
  • What to change about your team?
  • Evaluate every person.
  • Where will people have to be 6 months from now.
  • Top down assessment
  • Gives the opportunity to expand & refine
  • Decide to grow the workforce with their PPP
  • Highest risk position is the status quo!
  • Ability to minimize the risk by acting
  • Business as usual is NOT viable!
  • Start hiring for new competencies (what are we missing?) and values & mission focus!

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Now is the opportunity to double down and be able to attract strong talent
  • People are open to talking because of the uncertainty

Key Takeaways:

  • Never too late to pivot. What is the most likely scenario for my business a year from now. Assume that there is not going to be a quick fix. Position for the worst case scenario!
  • Do an honest appraisal of the team… Including yourself! Will the people you have be good for the business a year from now. Change is tough

Guest Contact:

Website: Learning Ovation

Social Media: LinkedIn  Facebook  Twitter

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