Posting your jobs can be a very frustrating exercise. Especially when you receive little to no response. Or worse yet, you receive an onslaught of unqualified responses. 

Today is all about how and where to post your jobs to attract the right people! So we are going to geek out on advertising and teach the right way to utilize postings in your recruitment strategy. 

Today’s Quote: 

“Advertising is an environmental striptease for a world of abundance.”  - Marshall McLuhan

Our guest today:  Kelly Robinson, CEO of RedDot Media

20 years on the staffing recruitment and recruiting technology.

RedDot media is a recruitment ad agency with a particular skill in programmatic advertising and helping companies socialize their jobs with our Paiger platform. Prioir to RedDot Media, Kelly founded Inc 2001, which he sold to DMGT in 2008, launched in the US 2009, and lead the strategic acquisition by CareerBuilder in 2014. 

Today we are going to discuss

  • Why Job postings fail
  • Different ways to advertise
  • Steps to take to implement programmatic job advertising

Where do people fail while posting jobs?

  • Spray & Pray
  • Pay no attention to the content
  • Not thinking about what the person really looks like
  • What is an important Mindset?
  • Treating people who apply the same as a direct recruit. 
  • People who apply are just open, not sold on your company

What are the different ways to advertise?

Post & Pray - what most do now!

  • Programmatic advertising
  • Rule based job posting
  • Only paying for results
  • Click bidding to get your jobs on the top of the listOnly paying for results

Rick’s input

    • Need understanding of what needs to be accomplished 
    • Performance metrics
    • Content rarely touches the individual (never answers “what’s in it for me”)

 How to implement programmatic job advertising

  • 3 ways to do
  • Use an agency to do it
  • Buy a system and DYI & hire someone who is dedicated to doing it.
  • Effective in duration based advertising. 
  • Cost per view or cost per applicant
  • Best for 20+ jobs per month

Steps to maximize your job posting

  • 20 or less
  • Java engineer
  • One-offs- start with Indeed
  • Zip recruiter is good because of their advertising
  • 65 mil lookers a month
  • Identify 2 of 5 skills and talk to them.
  • Write a good job description
  • Have a lot of conversations

How to maximize relevancy

  • Job descriptions: Talking to about emotional factors
  • Dependent on what and where you are looking for it
  • Forget the application process. 
  • *treat people not like an application but like they are part of the conversation

Key Takeaways:

  • And as Jim Collins said it’s the Genius of the AND versus the Tyranny of the OR. and embrace the "Genius of the AND.
  • Writing job ads is a skill - get better at it, AND have fun with it.  
  • Understand and qualify your job description ****A good question is what is NOT getting done while you don’t have this person. 
  • Job Applications are people who have given you permission to have a conversation with them. Your job is to figure out together if they should quit their job and come work from you. 
  • It’s not all about saving money a 3,6% unemployment rate! 
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