One big thing that we have learned over the past year is that employers no longer have control over the people they hire. The balance of power has shifted with the majority of people willing to walk away from an opportunity that does not align with their personal beliefs or values. 

Many companies are left scratching their heads as to why. So, the thinking has evolved into “it must be the money” so let’s increase compensation & benefits. Hoping this will solve the problem. But it hasn’t.

The interviewees today are the one’s making the selection, not the company. 
The interviewees are the ones evaluating the company for more than just the paycheck. 
And the interviewees are the people who have a lot of options, not the companies.

So to get people to choose your company to join you simply need to level the playing field by understanding “what’s in it for them”.

Guest Bio:

Lee Rubin is the Founder and CEO of Confetti. A platform that helps companies build stronger culture by providing shared experiences for a distributed workplace.  Their holistic tool empowers HR and other team leads to quickly discover, plan and book from a catalog of exclusive experiences that optimize corporate culture and employee’s professional growth. 

Lee is a visionary culture leader with a decade of experience in B2B sales. She's one of the world's experts on remote event planning and has built her company from 0 to 60 employees in just 3 years!


  • What the field really looks like today
  • How to stand out as an employer of choice through your interview process

Challenge today?

  • Differentiate the company

    • Higher chance of closing the person
    • Taste of the culture
    • Demonstrating a healthier dynamic
  • Not posting salary to optimized offer
    • Win-win scenario
    • Interests here aren’t aligned obviously (one wants the higher and one wants the lower). I once heard the phrase “Good deals can’t happen with bad people” and have kept hold of it. Brings me back to leveling the playing field… 

Why is this important to the company?

  • You don’t want your people to feel under-valued monetarily 
  • People feel respected because they get what they ask for
  • Not over spending on talent
  • We close 80-90% of the people we really want join 

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Optimize for remote vs. onsite

Authenticity - As you know from your book “healing career wounds” people are literally traumatized from their job and don’t want to make the mistake again of joining a company they don’t like. So how do you get to know them authentically, make them feel comfortable and close the deal better? 

How do we solve the problem? 

  • Getting people to feel comfortable

    • Body language, casual talk: friendly 
    • Excited to speak to you! casual conversation
    • Vibe fit
    • Learn about our culture
  • Showing respect
    • One of their core values 
  • 2 Minute Intro
    • About you, improvised 
    • Listen for concise, 
    • Pay attention to the time in the presentation
    • Coherent
    • Able to express their resume in the form of a story?
    • What did they learn? brother/sister, primarily professional
  • Assignment
    • Prepared with job posting
    • Each job has a different assignment
    • Core elements of the job
      • Ie: Customer success- create a customer response email
  • Negotiation
    • Negotiate respectfully
    • How much are you “hoping” to make
    • Tap into a person's dreams = context

Rick’s Nuggets

  •  Values driven experience
  • Get them to talk first
  • After emotional engagement

Key Takeaways that the Audience can plug into their business today! (Value):

  • Optimize for people you want to go through the shit with
  • Optimize for those who share your same values
  • Academia is overrated
  • Loyalty is the #1 currency

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