Two people pop into a room together for an interview. What happens next?

No one knows! 

This is the eternal mystery that most companies have faced for decades. And the single point of failure in hiring!

Because we assume that everyone knows how to interview. But the truth is, they do not as most interviewers have only been trained on what NOT to say. There is no insight as to what is being said, the questions that are asked or personal motives that drive a person’s opinion on a hiring decision. 

So today we are going to help to give you insight into how you can gain valuable interviewing data to empower your people to make stronger hiring decisions for your company!

Guest Bio:

Raphael Danilo is a French entrepreneur and investor based in New York. He's the CEO and founder of Yobs, an Interview Intelligence platform that sits on top of Zoom and the ATS and enables every interviewer to feel prepared and be more efficient in hiring top talent. 

Raphael has helped 100+ high-growth organizations up level their recruiting organization with Interview Intelligence through Yobs and Evening Fund, the VC fund he runs on nights and weekends.


  • The importance of interview intelligence
  • How to gain data to secure accurate hiring decisions

Challenge today?

  • Recruiting is incredibility opinion spaced

    • Opinions about what we remember about the conversation
    • Not evidence based
    • High vs low quality question
  • Work about work
    • Labor intensive tasks - ie: interview plan, taking notes
    • Pre-interview 
    • During interview
    • Post interview- scorecard
  • Recruiting teams misaligned
    • Not having a shared view of reality
    • Not offering enough benefits, equity, pto
    • Opinions drive decision rather than data

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Interview is riddled with fail
  • Interviewers are not trained
    • Company values
    • Bias, assumptions & personal motives
    • To understand how good the person is across the desk

How do we solve the problem (solution)? 

  • Capture reality 

    • capture all candidate interactions - across web conferencing, dialers, phone, and email.
  • Invest in interviewer training and coaching 
  • Analyze Interview them and surfaces key moments automatically to...
    • Deliver insights to level-up your organization by better understanding your candidates, your teams and your hiring process.

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Interview intelligence 
  • Start with the company values
    • Decision making language throughout the organization
    • Interviewers champions of the values
      • Protectors of realm
    • Everyone buy’s in!
  • Assigned Interview questions
    • Behavioral interview questions 
    • Questions tied to a measurable of the core value
  • Train your interviewers
    • Assumptions allow bias & motives to fester
    • Listening skills - digging under the hood
    • Take diligent notes- 
      • what they said, not what you translated
  • Record & review the conversations
    • Video (zoom, teams, etc…) 
    • Review until you achieve consistent quality data

Key Takeaways that the Audience can plug into their business today! (Value):

  • Capture reality- record your calls
  • Invest in coaching/training
  • Reduce bias in process 

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