High performance teams don't just happen by chance. They are artfully built with an impenetrable culture at its heart. 

The people who join are in alignment with the values and purpose of the organization. The result is unrivaled performance above and beyond your expectations.

Our guest today: Greg Besner, Founder and Vice Chairman of CultureIQ

A global company that helps organizations create high-performance cultures. He and his firm have assisted more than one thousand organizations and millions of employees strengthen their company culture. 

Greg was an early investor in Zappos which inspired his commitment to organizational culture. In 2018, he was ranked in USA Today as the 8th best CEO in the United States among a pool of 50,000 companies. He was also named the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year®. 

Today we discuss:

  • Why, if you are serious about your business, you need to prioritize your company values as the heart of your hiring decisions
  • How to deploy a process to enable your company to hire people who continually raise the bar for performance

I find that often the phrase “not a good cultural fit” is an easy cop out line for a company to pass on people. When asked “HOW” the conversation quickly disintegrates. 

How can someone not really make that conclusion when they lack clarity on what their culture/purpose is? 

Challenge today?

  • Recruiting for purpose/ culture alignment
  • Zoom interview
    • Body language/ energy
    • Human interaction
    • Interact in the environment around them
    • Fumbling with this new interview process 
  • Onboarding
    • Energy of the office not really happening
    • Interpersonal mingling
  •  Because the human interaction is missing
    • Elevates chance of bias
  • People are uncomfortable in a video interview setting

Why is this important to the company?

  • Culture alignment
  • Diversity of experience, perspective
  • Recruiting process is opposite of what it is today
  • Expensive to recruit & train
  • Turnover is expensive
  • Employees who are not aligned with the purpose are expensive

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Bias is a two way street 

How do we build into your company?

  •  First interaction is a 2 sided conversation- human interaction

    • Experience of working in the organization
    • Company go first
    • Let the person give their elevator pitch
    • What would allow them to be successful at the company
  •  Having a framework
    • Notes should be taken, structured, & details on their values
  • Mutual agreement on moving forward
    • Letting the person know the next steps
    • Transparency  
    • Closure 
  • Interviews
    • Teammate or HR first
  • Try not to replicate the interview!
  • Multi-step process
    • Split up to cover different roles
    • values from skills
    • No need to cover the same questions
  • hire bar raisers 

Rick’s Nuggets

  • First interaction: Discovery call
  • Understand Pain, Desire, Impact
  • Listen to understand first
  • Buy in through connecting the dots
  • Presenting back what fits, & what does not

Key Takeaways:

  • Bar Raisers-
  • Structured Interview Process
  • Transparency in Hiring Process


Email: greg@cultureiq.com






Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CultureIQ/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cultureiq

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSECYe1wg_KxMi_yNi7KQbA?view_as=subscriber



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