The purpose of the interview is to get the truth of who a person is and how they can bring value to the business. Common or conventional tactics do very little to do more than scratch the surface of the individual and so we still make hiring decisions based on likability and bias. Which is why we make bad hires!

The questions that you ask, are the questions that hurt you. Because they are unimpressive and do very little to showcase your organization as outstanding. 

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Today’s Quote:

“Experienced managers interview to qualify. Inexperienced managers interview to disqualify” - Mark W Boyer

Guest Bio:

Robert Davis is the CEO of Communities for CauseHe is a seasoned CEO and entrepreneur who enjoys the challenges involved in trying to run and scale companies. Building the structure and creating the company culture required to commercialize a company's passion and grow business by turning great ideas into concrete, actionable steps that yield revenue, repeat customers, and increased cash flow.

I’ve always been a transparent person who doesn't shy away from conflict. I find great satisfaction in working with teams to identify what may be missing and addressing those challenges head-on to effect positive change and rapid evolution.

Show Highlights:

  • Preparing for the interview
  • Conducting the interview

Why is it important?

  • Interviews are riddled with assumptions - king of all F-ups!
  • Creating a judgment by the assumption
  • Bias

Interview preparation 

Create questions on the front end and determine “why” you are asking that question

  • Filter down to the questions the most applicable  
  • Taylor the questions specific to the position
  • Wants don’t count in the interview process


  • Personality- can be a qualification
  • Make sure there is a fit
  • Skills/experience
  • View of where you want someone to go from and to.
  • Growth, mutual path and where the person will fit
  • Remove likability from the ultimate decision


  • What does the business need?
  • Align with company values
  • Prepare questions designed to understand WHO the person is
    • Amazon Behavioral method
  • Do not use the resume as your guide!
  • Prepare the interviewee on what to expect in the conversation!

 Conducting the Interview

  • Don’t treat interview casually
  • (no cup of coffee at Starbucks), or meet for dinner alone. 
  • The Start and the stop need to be formal
  • Perpetuate bad interview practices unknowingly
  • Group meals are fine
  • Personal questions- don’t ask (anything about personal lives) If they share, fine

Rick's Nuggets


  • Be organized! 

    • Put into practice a formal structure, stick to the time, provide feedback
  • Structure
  • 3-5 people for onsite, 45 minutes per person
    • Predetermined questions 3-4 max
    • Challenging & Take out of comfort zone
    • Eliminate questions that elicit canned response
    • Behavioral questions are the most revealing… follow up with why, why, why?
    • Amazon does it! 
    • Sample Behavioral question

*Do you consider yourself to be Lucky?  (Positive or Negative outlook on life)

  • Explain
  • Or Why?

Key Takeaways:

  •  Be clear and concise with yourself on the information you need to extract
  •  Don't make it very personal from your perspective
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