The good and great results of full company transparency.  There is a growing movement for full openness within companies which is pretty common in Tech startups. The more open you are, the more engaged your people become!

Today’s Quote:

“A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.” - Dalai Lama

Show highlights:

  • What is Transparency & Why it is important
  • What works & what doesn't
  • Transparency in the hiring process

Let’s start by talking about your experience at Tint

  • How was the company transparent?

    • Open door meetings
    • Open Financials
      • Employee compensation
    • Group decision making
  • Different levels of Transparency
    • Extreme transparency

What works and what doesn't?

  • Ownership
    • Decision-making process
    • Compensation Transparency
    • Reduces distractions
    • Open venting/surveying
    • Open transparency to customers did not work so well

Process for transparency in the interview process

Structure for Transparency

Preparation for roll out


  • Job postings 
  • Personal awareness with an assessment to determine the data
  • Contact - demonstrate transparency
  • Managing expectations- positive experience… expect to hear from us by x date


  • Interview process

    • Discuss people challenges
    • Product/company challenges
  • Preparing the candidate,
    • What happens when & time frame
  • Lower the barrier of nervousness - must get them comfortable

Sang Huynh is a Mentor at Quake Capital Partners and former COO for TINT ( marketing tech startup in SF that recently exited. One of TINT’s guiding principles is to “cultivate transparency both internally and externally.” From open door meetings, exposed financials (including compensation) and group-based decision making.  Prior to TINT, Sang was a VP in the Global Security Group at Bank of America Merrill Lynch which has the traditional corporate culture. He’s here to share his experience as a former leader at two organizations with polar opposite approach to culture.

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