In honor of this weeks DisruptHR, today we are talking about disruption. Disruption will impact your business and it is coming faster than you think! You can either eat your own lunch or someone will eat it for you. Are you prepared?

Today's Quote:

"Disruptors don’t have to discover something new; they just have to discover a practical use for new discoveries.” - Jay Samit

Show highlights:

  • What is disruption & are you prepared
  •  Confirm that someone is going to eat your lunch for you
  • How to disrupt your business starting with how you hire

What is disruption?

  • Term synonymously used with both innovation and transformation
  • Disruptive innovation is happening at a staggering rate.
  • (uber, airbnb, facebook)

Where does disruption come from? How will it affect your business?

  • Blindsided disruption?
  • Self-disruption
  • Technology (ie: AI, ML, Blockchain, Automation)

Why it is important to start by innovating the way you approach hiring?

  • Values

    • Live & breath your values
  • business strategy
  • What can I eliminate
  • Reduce
  • Need to expand
  • What to create
  • Automation is making recruiting more Transactional
    • Less engaging
  • Problem-solving is the Key!
    • Solve a real problem for the candidate / heal the career wound
    • Desire: What does someone really want?
    • Listen …. Channel potential

How to disrupt your organization

  • Not forcing the talent to the job specifications but hiring talent and allowing them to innovate.   
  • Building a Tiger Team
  • Change your mindset!  
    • The game has changed…. Adapt or Perish!
  • Approach
    • Solving a problem for your customer- potential employee (Career Wound)
    • Desire alignment
    • Accomplishment- evidence of success
  • Do the Opposite of what you are doing now!
    • Shift the focus from the work to the person
  • Organize-
    • Build hiring process like your sales process

Scott Hamilton is CEO of the Executive Next Practices Institute, a large C-suite research and forum organization that is a community partner organization located at the University of California-UCI Applied Innovation. He is also NextWORKS Strategy (2018 Innovators of the Year nominee- Orange County Business Journal), a premier provider/advisors of strategy development, alignment, talent management, board effectiveness, and executive performance programs to middle-market companies. He serves on the boards of several organizations.

Hamilton is a well-known thought leader & speaker in the field of “next practices” improvement of leadership and organizational performance for the Global 1000, emerging and mid-market companies. Scott helps leaders and organizations be more effective in how they strategize and perform.


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