Attention comparison shoppers... waiting to see a “few more people” to compare before deciding to hire?  Bad Idea, Time kills hires!

Riddling your interviews with randomly placed hurdles is just madness. Making the interview process challenging is essential but there is a correct order to the journey you create. Each step in your interviewing process must be intentional.

Today we are going to help you bring order to your interview process.

Today’s Quote:

"Comparison is a thug that robs your joy. But it's even more than that - Comparison makes you a thug who beats down somebody - or your soul."

 - Ann Voskamp

Guest Bio:

With the resurgence of Big Data and AI, Shane Bernstein realized the tools needed to scale the effective outreach approach were finally available! His C-level customers were continuously frustrated with no viable and consistent solution, and unable to build the teams they needed in order to have the global impact each of their businesses required. So Shane founded Rolebot.

Utilizing the power of AI, he and his team have developed software enabling companies and staffing firms to reach their goals and measure ROI.  As a result, Rolebot eliminates the way in which we traditionally pre-qualify talent, from days/weeks to seconds, and increases recruitment output and engagement results by 10x.

Show Highlights:

  •  What is making it impossible to hire Great people
  • Over Interviewing- How much is too much
  • Efficient Solution to come to a decision quickly


Over interviewing is a direct result of Not having a solid hiring Structure

  • Clarity of Intention
  • Clarity of Values, Cultural & Skills Alignment
  • Not Knowing how to ask the RIGHT Questions to gather clear evidence to support a decision

 Where are the Obstacles?

Over interviewing makes it harder to get the hire.

  • Timing (time kills placements)
  • Too much time kills interest.
  • Time allows time for competitors to steal… not an if, but a when
  • Feedback channel

 HR prescreens

  • HR assesses for culture fit.
  • The Team should screen for culture, not HR
  • Take home assignments- Give BEFORE you get…  mentality
  • Pre-screen is a big waste of time.

What is Over Interviewing?

Reality vs. Perception

  • Comparison Shopping
  • Hurdles - Mindset Issue (You are not the only pretty girl in the bar)
  • Demonstrates weak leadership
  • Feedback channel. Is slow when the process is slow

 ****people hire on gut feeling…

Rick’s Input

  • Why? Company does NOT have a strong interview structure
  • Treat each person as though they are your Only option!


The Set Up

  • Recruiter - recruit & ask questions
  • Is the recruiter/hiring manager bringing value?
  • Manipulate time to gain accepted offers
  • Someone needs to own the process

 Interview Process

Two step process

Phone interview - lead, manager (not recruiter or HR)

  • Credentials
  • Technical skills assessment
  • Skills-based conversation run by a team member


  • Get it done in 1 day… do not bring them back
  • Has to be vesting on both sides.
  • Have a hiring team & a process in play
  • Put the decision makers and the people who will have to work closely with them
  • Make sure the people can sell the position & the company
  • Be able to sell: Why should I take this role?

Rick’s Input

  • What’s in it for me???   
  • Phone Interview Establish -Why, Cultural Alignment, Impact
    • Point person (CEO, Founder, Recruiter (not a farmer)
  •  Onsite
    • Timed
    • Structured (3-5 person Interview team)
    • Challenging
    • Knock Out Questions- aligned with Core Values
  • A decision in 24 hours!

 Key Takeaways:

  • Assess the current process, does it align with the current marketplace, what ROI does each component bring, what is % of rejected offers, etc…
  • Figure out what must stay, what can be omitted, or moved around and integrated
  • The goal is to strike the right balance for your organization
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