What's your story? 

"Well, we are funded by Greylock and we are disrupting a $30 Billion dollar industry. What else do you need to know?"  

This is good information to know but it is not your story. I quickly became a very bored audience with this CEO. Ultimately your story is what draws people in and invites us to work with you. When communicating with the people you are needing to hire it is critical that your story inspire them to join. 

Our guest today: Stepahanie Paul, Founder & Head of Training & Development of The Executive Storyteller Academy

Stephanie takes great pride in coaching developing executives, sales teams, TEDx speakers, Women in leadership and experts of all kinds, to become master communicators.    

In fact, her proven approach, "Powerful Emotional Engaging Presentations," draws upon her  years of rich and diverse entertainment experience as well as she is a certified trainer using 5 science based assessments for  behavior and communication using Psychology and Neuroscience.  

Today we are discussing:

  • Why communicating your story is so critical from your hiring process through tenure
  • A 3 step method maximizing your communication

Communicating effectively during an interview is riddled with assumptions, bias and shallow content. Rarely is communication deliberate and with purpose. 

Challenge companies face today?

  • Developing a person to be in more of and executive leadership role
  • Understanding your True Values because your values whether you know them or not depict your behavior and your audience define you by your behavior and actions not by what you say.
  • Many are so busy “doing the task” they have no concept of how you show up in the process of the task! Understanding your Stimulus Value 
  • Checking your behavior before you engage what do you want the audience to do, achieve, react in a certain way? 
  • No one wants to tell you how you show up because everyone just wants to keep the boss happy being open to feedback is the key to a growth mindset
  • Developing lifelong learners for value added leadership that build engagement within themselves and their teams rather than dictators who only drive the bottom line and don’t see the wealth in their people.
  • Great leadership is looking at the possibilities not the limitations and not focusing on your “Power” instead using your energy to empower others to ignite the leadership within themselves.
  • The way you deliver is more important than what you say
  • Come up with a  great question to ask yourself on everything - Mine is “How do I make this more fun and engaging for the audience so they will remember?”
  • Being hyper aware of how you show up and listening and reading your audience effectively
  • Audience will always tell you what they need
  • Energy you chose to bring to the table is super important! 

Why is this important to the company?

  • Immediate benefits to the team and individuals include better fits for task assignments and fewer, easier resolved conflicts. You will find these communication tools and understanding this type of developed skill set will also help you grow in your work and as a member of your field as well. The concepts we are talking about here can help you get a better understanding of yourself and your clients’ communication styles and motivations, which will help you more effectively respond to their needs. And because these are cutting edge concepts in the market space, will give you the opportunity to continue to grow as leaders in your industry.

How do we do it?

  • Y: In the first component we use a series of assessments to build understanding around stimulus value and the areas of strength and opportunities for growth in the recipient. We then teach successful behavior, memorization and delivery techniques for connecting with an audience
  • O: The overall objective is to teach the recipient effective ways (established in science) to build storytelling, supportive images, stimulating slide decks, and content that is dynamic and influential.
  • U: The last component of “The Y.O.U Method” and the most important is the audience. We work with the recipient of the training to guide them through  effective techniques to read and work with an audience so they develop deep engaging presentations based in our biology and how that works.

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Yourself: must be your corporate values
  • The person you are hiring is your audience

Key Takeaways:

  • Always check in with where you are at, how you show up is a choice not a reaction to what just happened to you. Make sure that before you start communicating with your audience of 1 or 1001 you are emotionally and energetically where you need to be to achieve the results you want to achieve.. Self leadership is just as important as leading others.
  • Learn to read the behavior or your audience, know how to check in and deeply listen to what they are communicating, research, prepare and listen to their needs and be value added.
  • Make sure that your content supports your message (result)  with powerful emotional images, stories and delivery. Make sure your accessories support you and make you shine rather than become a distraction.

Stephanie's resources:

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