We are in the greatest time for opportunistic hiring!  An unprecedented number of talented people are on the sidelines and now is your time to hire the people that will take your company to the next level.  All it takes is some creative thinking and a plan.

Our guest today:  Scott Hamilton, President & CEO of Executive Next Practices Institute (ENP)

Scott and his team of Nextworks partners provide executive and organizational programs around strategic planning & execution, internal innovation methods, performance management improvement and the pioneering use of “collective intelligence” alignment. 

Today we discuss:

  • Why to start executing your talent strategy next year Today
  • The 3 critical elements to building your hiring plan - executing in a targeted way

I find the biggest challenge today is that business leaders have not recognized the tremendous opportunity we have in front of us. That opportunity is displaced talent.  

Challenge today?

  • Getting lost in the covid fog
  • Getting disconnected 
  • Employment brand message is getting lost in all the noise
  • Lost in person networking
  • Need to force connections in a different way, that you don't know
  • Expanding your network channels

Why is this important to the company?

  • Business value proposition, new ideas come from outside our industry
  • Talent: High quality talent in other arenas
  • Have skills, aptitude & capabilities to be successful
  • Transparency & increase communications in our marketplace
  • Be found easily and understand the value in working for your company
  • Diversity, Equity (level playing field) & Inclusion 

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Leaders are still unclear about the opportunity we are in right now!
  • Disrupting your own business through

How do we build it into your company?

  • Bottom up strategy

    • Tap the collective IQ
    • Clear on mission
    • Shared purpose
    • Not just say it, but live it
    • Culture of learning
    • Community Partner
  • Talent Skills
    • Valuing adaptability
    • Ideation - create
    • Culture that allows people to step up & take risks
    • People who have good judgment
    • Execution skills
  • Execution 
    • Acting with measurable intent
    • Knowing KPI’s & OKR’s
    • Pace & Rhythm
    • Faster cycle to fail fast, learn fast
    • 30-60 days (smaller projects to allow for testing)
    • Reward & recognition for hiring - referrals

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Target and connect
  • Build a strong referral strategy
  • Communicate needs daily
  • Ask for names & contact information of top performers
  • Contact yourself
  • Do NOT pitch your job/company/yourself
  • Treat as a “get to know you” call
  • Take your time
  • Hire for value alignment / cultural alignment before skills
  • Value growth

Key Takeaways:

  • Get started now on 2021
  • Business value creation 
  • Talent value creation

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