Our guests today: Dan Moore, Co-Founder & CEO of Vaporware

Dan is a trained computer scientist who helps clients craft ideas into scalable products. Always one for over-communication and compulsive attention to detail. 

Dan co-founded Vaporware to help entrepreneurs take their software ideas to market. Over the past 7 years he has helped Vaporware deliver dozens of apps in Human Resources, Staffing, and Recruiting—all while building vaporware into a stellar organization. 

Hiring a bench of developers, designers, and product managers is a challenge for any organization, but Dan has created 2 expert teams that combines all 3 roles at Vaporware.

Today we discuss:

  • The 30,60,90 job posting; What it is & how it works
  • How to build it for hiring success!

What is a 30/60/90 job posting?

  • A better way to do job postings to find the right candidates.
  • A list of objectives at different checkpoints (30-60-90 days)
  • Designed to ensure proper onboarding and culture fit before the company invests too much.

What happened to drive this solution?

  • Created out of personal desire because of the experience from prior companies- escape from past experiences
  • How would we want to be hired?
  • Tailoring to culture fit is much more important
  • Allow people to do different things within one company
  • Not looking at what they have but looking around …. 

Why is this important to the company? Yes can meet those objectives!

  • Limits company risk
  • Shifts away from skills
  • Keeping people onboard
  • Retain people longer from 3-6 months to up over 4+ years
  • Bottom line, higher attraction of more seasoned employees

Rick’s Nuggets

  • 90 day performance metrics are a necessity for a successful hire
  • Sets up the framework for the communication and expectation structure
  • Clear guide of what needs to be accomplished by when

How do we build out a 90 day plan?

  • Start with the end goal (6 months to a year) 

    • Stay with us forever: They’re bought into the mission and helping us define it
    • Figure out how we can evaluate that in the first 90 days (limit our investment)
    • Question what is realistic in 90 days?
  • To get to 90 days
    • Negotiation between desires and realism.
    • Hope for the best but don’t negotiate your minimum expectations
  • Define 60 and 30
    • Break out what needs to happen for 90 to be successful = 60 days
    • Break out what needs to happen for 60 to be successful = 30 days
    • Keep flexible enough for applicant to define their own OKRs within that framework
  • Post into job listing. Applicants can define OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) within that posting
    • Reverse engineer what needs to be
    • What are the OKRs
    • Set up framework for people to self manage their goals
    • Break things down into strategy
    • Compelling ability to break things down for company
    • Autonomy, bring people who are smarter and can teach us something

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Additional formatting for the job add to attract passive people

    • What’s in it for me?
    • Solution
    • Performance metrics
    • Call to Action!

Key Takeaways:

  1. Align to culture first
  2. Have a 90 day plan
  3. Review and adjust the plan as you go

Full video of today's #hirepowerradio show available on YouTube

Guest Contact:

Vaporware website or Email: dan@vaporware.net


Website: Vaporware 

Vaporware's Sample: 30,60,90


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