Can we all agree that the people you hire determine the success of your company.  It is not enough to just “fill a role”. Especially if you're a smaller, growing company.  

Every hiring mistake that your company has made is due to your focus on the wrong ego driven priorities.  (Ie: the work to be done, what I think I need, image for the company)

Focus on hiring the “WHO” that aligns with the corporate values first and you’ll achieve unbelievable results.

Our guest today: Tim Spiker, Founder & President of The Aperio 

...And the Who* Not What Principle, a profound research-based truth that has powered 15 years of leadership development success.

Tim’s book, The Only Leaders Worth* Following, reveals that 77% of leadership effectiveness comes from who a leader is and not what they do. Using this principle, Tim helps people become, be, and stay leaders who are actually worth following. Tim’s work includes delivering keynote talks, creating unique and customized learning experiences, and guiding long-term development journeys. 

Today we discuss:

  • The advantage of focusing on Who before What
  • The role Trustworthiness plays in a Successful “Who”
  • 3 steps to hiring the Right Who!

¾ of things working is about WHO the person is who is leading the process. 

  • Listening for who based questions
  • Eagerness to hallmark others

Challenge today?

  • Are your leaders trustworthy??
  • Strong Leader:
    • Who is inwardly sound and others focused = trustworthy
    • Engages people at a higher level
    • How much energy are you putting into your leaders to help them be more trustworthy

Why is this important to the company?

77% of leadership effectiveness comes from who a leader is and not what they do. Why? Because trustworthiness drives engagement and engagement drives performance. Therefore we must interview for and intentionally develop leaders who are trustworthy. Not leaders who give the appearance of being trustworthy, but who are actually trustworthy. 

  • Trustworthiness drive engagement which drives performance 
  • Huge Difference between image and the perception of others
  • Start of a trend of external image vs 
  • Downside to the company - long term value creation at the fundamental level
  • Company will never maximize performance of the organization

How do we hire the "Right Who" into your company?

  • Become Trustworthy
  • Develop the core of who you are
  • Being curious - about others
  • Tell me more about that...
  • Depth, Community & Time

Hire for trustworthiness!

  • Giving the interview questions in advance
  • Let them prepare for the interview
  • Dig under the hood
  • Provide the Interview questions in Advance!

Interview question:

  • "Tell me about a time when you broke trust with someone and what did you do to fix it?"
  • Continued Development  
  • Use the phrase “tell me more” 100 times
  • Develop those around you
  • Depth
  • Community 
  • Time
  • Majoring in politics downgrades your trustworthiness!

Key Takeaways:

  • Be willing to look in the mirror, courage to own your shortcomings
  • To have a organization with world class leaders, you have to engage with world class conversations -
  • Be willing to work on myself to set the example for the other leaders to have “who” based conversations

Guest Links: 

LinkedIn: Tim Spiker

Websites:  (The Aperio)  (

Twitter: TimSpiker

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