How can you tell if someone is good just through a phone screen?

A BIG thanks to our guest today: John Driscoll, Co-Founder & CEO of Naked Development

Part 1: Outlining Key Points for Episode:

  • Phone Screening: From reviewing the application to proceed to scheduling a call should be between 2-4 days (MAX)
  • Ideal timing for phone call: 45-60 minutes

Part 2: 3 components of the phone screen (understanding the person) Why, What & How

*PAIN (Why):

  • Discussion part 1: 
  • Pain is the person's reason for talking to you
  • Types of PAIN to be aware of from an employer prospective:
  • LEGITIMATE PAIN                                                                

    • Lack of Growth                                                                             
    • Work Content/Technical Exposure                                               
    • Leadership Issues                                                                          
      • Unappreciated, Under challenged, Underutilized & Underwater
    • Commute                                                                   
    • More Money
    • Personality conflicts
    • Always open 

John’s role “Hiring Manager”

*DESIRE (What):  What is the environment that this person will THRIVE

(This is the part where the employer should look into whether or not the candidate is a cultural fit)

  • Things to consider when taking a deep dive into their desire:

    • Their Vision for where they will thrive
    • Fit to your company 
  • Important note for employers:
    • Cultural fit and Attitude are far more important than skills. Yes, More important than skills! Skills can be taught and acquired. Attitude and cultural fit are often woven into the fiber of who this person really is at their core.

IMPACT (How?) (Identify Level of performance)

  • Evidence of Success

    • IMPACT - Do they go above and beyond (This should be demonstrated by example they give you of their past success and how they work with others)
    • Commitment to Personal Growth
  • Phone Screen Script:
  • *PAIN  (Locate a solid PAIN) …. Dig, dig, dig!!!
    • What is happening with your current role that is making you open to exploring something potentially stronger?(Very important one to begin with) 
  • *DESIRE:  
    • If you could create your next company, what would that look like for you?
    • What is your vision of your next role? 
    • What type of environment do you flourish? Culture, Size, Role, & Domain?
  • *IMPACT:
    • Tell me about the most significant impact you had in your current role? 
  • *SKILLS: 
    • What are your core Strengths?
    • Where are you willing to commute on a daily basis? (push limits)
  • INTERVIEWING: Currently: Interested:
    • To properly pace out the process, where are you in the interview process?
    • What is your current work authorization status?
  • SALARY: Looking to make $
    • What are your minimum salary requirements?
    • What is your availability to interview this week? (dates/times)
    • What are 3 or 4 “Main Criteria” that you would need to see in a company for you to accept an offer with them?

Final Step: Connecting the Dots

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