“We really need to hire a person from xyz company and they need to be from a top tier school.” Words that make every recruiting professional cringe. 

This criteria is the perfect storm for making the worst hire of your career. The Truth is, Your ego WANTS these things but the business needs a person with the RIGHT DNA to fuel company growth. 

Our guest today: Greg Toroosian, Founder & Managing Director of Elevate Hire

Having worked for startups, globally recognized brands, and recruiting agencies, he brings a unique perspective, a fresh sense of understanding, and an elevated level of service to his clients.

He previously held the roles of Recruiting Manager for Virgin Hyperloop and Director of Talent Acquisition for Sweetgreen. Greg believes that recruiting and retaining talent is key to having a successful company.

Today we discuss:

  • Setting expectations of what you can REALLY hire
  • How to hire what you can Really hire

There are 2 ways to hire A-level talent 

  • Pay for them
  • Be the solution to their career wounds

Challenge today?

  • Overall value proposition
  • Competitive market
  • Hard to find or in demand roles
  • Stage of growth
  • Disconnect on what the market really is
  • budget
  • Clarity on what you are actually hiring for and why
  • Coming back to earth on what is really needed

Why is this important to the company?

  • Impact time to hire
  • Help to hire the right people 
  • Think through their recruiting strategy
  • Help with financial planning

How do we build into your company?

  • Build your value proposition

    • What is it to your employees
  • Cultural element

    • How to communicate you culture
    • Honest and open about What your culture really is
    • Allow people to opt in/opt out
  • Business element

    • What the work is
    • Product/ service
    • Social good, clean energy, industry
    • Clear about how it is different from their competitors
  • Personal/Professional element

    • What’s in it for me?
    • What will I learn?
    • What will this do for my career?
  • Clarity On what needs to be done

    • What really needs to be done?
    • First hire??? Now what?
    • Clarity helps to target the right people, industries, competitors
    • Gain clarity on what success looks like for this role
  • Understanding the competitive market

    • Clarity on what you are hiring for and why
    • Common complexity of what is being built
    • Reality check on what you NEED to be paying this person
    • Who else you are in competition with for that person
  • Solutions if the role cant flex
    • If the person you need is unhirable?
    • Competition, salary, location, level of skill, small pool
    • Training & molding a person intro the role
    • Contractor, fully remote, 

Key Takeaways:

  • Craft and solidify your EVP - at least for your company. Use the cultural, business, professional buckets to help.
  • Be mindful of the market you’re hiring in and self aware of your company's positioning.
  • If hiring the people you want or the way you want aren’t currently realistic, then consider creative ways of making your offering more attractive or creative ways of getting the work done.

Guest Links:

LinkedIn:  Greg Toroosian

Website:  Elevate Hire

Twitter:  Toroosian

Email: greg@elevatehire.com


This show is proudly sponsored by Criteria Corp 


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