The two biggest complaints I hear today from entrepreneurs are “I can't find good people” and “when I hire people, the skills don’t match up”.

The first issue, not being able to “find good people” is an easy one to solve. You're fishing in the wrong ponds! Posting & praying may be working for some roles but the more crucial roles require that more creative tactics be deployed. Go to where your audience is interacting regularly. Hint: Not job boards.

The second issue, “skills not matching” with what a person represented in the interview, is a HUGE indicator of a poor interview process.

Too often we hear what we want to hear (confirmation bias) and we quickly move to get the person to accept the position. Never digging deeper to understand the what, when & how of a person’s work.

Remember the purpose of the interview is to understand the truth of the person across the desk from you.

I’m Rick Girard and welcome to the Hire Power Radio Show. We help Entrepreneurs and executives WIN-WIN the strongest hires. 

By sharing insights from top-performing rebel entrepreneurs, game-changers & industry leaders. Like our guest today: Ashish Rampal

Ashish serves as President and CEO of All Imaging Systems. He brings nearly 30 years of experience delivering high growth among, Service and Green Tech companies. 

His passion for bringing strategy and innovation together has fueled a long list of leadership accomplishments. Ashish has risen to complex challenges where he has crafted growth strategies, tapped new emerging markets and energized global teams – with many successes coming within turnaround environments. 

His leadership approach reflects his deep expertise in creating and leveraging teams that are driven to innovate and excel.

Today we discuss:

  • How to find the right people outside of job boards
  • How to dig deeper on skills to gain evidence of competency

Hiring Story

  • Hire - skills did not match the skills for the job
  • Kept on for 8 months moving from role to role
    • Right person on the wrong bus
  • Demonstrated Ashish being a weak leader 
  • Intention was one of care & empathy but it was misaligned with the goal of making high performance be their best
  • Warning signs
  • Pushbacks from key people not to have to interact with that person
  • Cost 8 months of salary- $40k
  • Impact to culture
  • Impact the trust of his team

Challenge today?

  • Finding people through social networks who are not on LinkedIn

    • Resources are not digital natives
    • No LinkedIn account
    • Meetups
    • Training programs alumni 

Why is this important to the company?

  • People are the path to which we scale

    • To be a relevant business need to bring value over the OEM’s
    • More cost effective option
    • Reverse engineering to repair

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Sources
    • Passive referrals
    • LinkedIn sourcing
    • Professional groups /associations
    • Meetups, repositories, college faculty

How do we solve the problem? 

  • Bring complex challenges into the company

    • Unique business - OEM agnostic, lot of learning opportunities and exposure to different technology
    • Full exposure to business life cycle
    • Solving a problem with minimal competitor
  • Talent is recognized 
    • People Feel respected
    • Have a voice - Let you know when a bad hire has been made
    • Love the challenge
    • Like who they work with
    • Failure is accepted and celebrated
  • Demonstrate Leadership
    • Trust through empowerment
    • Focus on Morale
    • Self introspection
    • Culture of win or affirm, working on today, need help
    • Inject energy -”try to change the weather”
    • Let the team connect emotionally  

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Competency digging
  • First discussed on the Discovery call
    • Impact made in the organization
    • The exact steps taken to complete the project 
  • Interview- Working Session 
    • Solve a relevant problem together with the team

Key Takeaways that the Audience can plug into their business today!  -Value:

  • You are the custodian of the culture - you define
  • In times of fear or uncertainty the best response is ACTION
  • Teams prefer a leader who is REAL as opposed to one who is CORRECT

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