Do you really need a person full time or will a freelancer suffice? Often the need to get work done clouds our vision who we really need. 

Ask yourself, “what does the business need?” and what is the timing in which the work needs to be done. When you need something quick, you most likely need a freelancer. But know that your explicit communication is the key to successful project completion.

Just don’t shortcut the selection process and hire those who get it, want it and can deliver results.

Our guest today: Shahar Erez, Co-Founder & CEO of Stoke Talent.

An experienced executive with solid engineering, product and marketing leadership backgrounds backed up by sound results. He has more than 15 years of experience in various management positions in a wide range of organizations building stellar teams and leading them to new levels of success in highly competitive markets. 

Shahar has hired hundreds of Freelancers throughout his career and is here to share his expertise.

Today we discuss:

  • When to hire freelancers vs full time talent
  • Roadmap to how to most effectively hire freelancers

I struggle with the notion of hiring freelancers as I have time challenges in communication of expectations

Challenge today?

  • There was no flood in the market of talent
  • Cultural challenge
    • Mental barrier
    • Freelancers
  • Compliance & back office challenges 

Why is this important to the company?

  • Get the right talent
  • Agility to move fast
  • Flexibility & budget control
  • Quick time to hire
  • Try before you buy

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Even freelancers need to align with your company values

    • They are part of the culture
  • When values align & expectations are clearly defined the quality of work skyrockets

What is the process for hiring freelancers?

  • Open to the possibility of freelancers

    • No strings attached 
    • Budget flexibility to get work done quickly 
  • Training managers on what it is to manage & hire freelancers
    • No need for a full interview
    • Lower Expectations 
    • Very clear on deliverables- what to happen & when
  • Start with a 2 week project
    • Define deliverables
    • How to operate in the two weeks
    • Clear communication- more important than full time employees 

Rick’s Nuggets

Interviewing Freelancers

  • Must have a strong Discovery / Screening call - do not shortcut!
  • Understand the person’s pain, desire & impact
  • Why do they want the work??
  • Every person you add has an influence on culture
  • Do they get it, want it, and have the capacity to do the work? - Gino Wickman
  • Do not hire if they are just there for the paycheck

Key Takeaways -Value:

  • Number of independent contractors are growing and will make more than 50% of workforce within the next 5 years
  • Prepare your organization and leaders to operate within this new workforce composition model
  • You should treat this as strategic shift and get a platform to assure you are managing this correctly








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