Consider the possibility that giving may be the answer that propels your business through challenging times. 

There is nothing more alluring to talented people than a leader who finds cause to support. Especially when most businesses are hanging by a thread.

Today we are talking to four business leaders who are giving back to the community and experiencing tremendous engagement from those they serve.

Our guests today: 

Charles Antis, Founder & CEO of Antis Roofing & Waterproofing

Eric Morley, Co-Founder & COO  of Blue C. Creative Marketing Agency

Wendy Ellis, Strategic & Creative Partnerships at Meruelo Media - KLOS FM

Wing Lam, Owner of Wahoo’s Fish Tacos & Co-Founder of CA Love Drop

These Four business moguls came together in April of 2020, to start up a charity called California Love Drop. The California Love Drop delivers meals and treats to our well-deserving Front Line Heroes and community neighbors in need. In October 2020, California Love Drop celebrates their 100th Drop! 

Today we discuss:

  • The importance of finding a cause & giving now
  • How to build giving into your culture to spur abundance

Now more than ever people need help. It is easy to forget this when so many of us are focused on keeping our businesses afloat. 

With this uncertain business environment, your strongest talent is most likely “keeping their options open” so shouldn’t we be doing everything we can to keep them engaged and productive?

Challenge today?

  • Thinking about giving when we are treading water 
  • Finding people that align 
  • Charity is the best way to find great people
  • Giving philosophy
  • Nothing going on so no excuse to not give

Why is this important to the company?

  • Not afraid to try things and fail
  • Time to do good
  • Shine a light on good
  • It becomes not about price but it is now about Value!
  • Elevate yourself above your competition

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Cause attracts winners (people who will thrive in your company)

    • People desire more than a transactional relationship

How do we build cause into your company?

  • Find a cause

    • Alignment with your company that you hold a strong passion
    • Doing something for your people that allows them to be proud of giving back
  • Join it, promote it within your company
    • Allow your people to own the success
  • Become involved
    • Participate consistently
    • Make your story compelling
    • Celebrate & Openly talk about your cause

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Start with what is important to you and your team
  • Hire for cause / culture alignment (passion to the cause)
  • Build in a knockout question in your interview process related to uncovering evidence as to the real passion for the cause

Key Takeaways:

  • Just say yes to helping people
  • Continually show up
  • Indirectly network to spur opportunity

Cause Links:

California Love Drop

Hire Power + Working Wardrobes T-Shirt Fundraising

Today's episode made possible by Criteria Corp

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