No one is interested in working for your ego. Just ask our friend …. Dick (name changed to protect the innocent). 

Dick is a VP of a small, well funded start-up and very proud of what they are building. So proud that he has established a very high bar for the people he wants to hire. Let’s just say his expectations are a bit out of whack!  He has Ferrari expectations on a Hyundai budget.

The way in which the interview is conducted comes across as adversarial. Dick comes across as a real, well you know…. Horses ass. As a result, some fantastic people have opted not to accept his offer and negative Glassdoor reviews are abundant.

Today is about how to NOT run off talented people in your interview, just like Dick. 

Our guest today: Molly McGrath, Founder of Hiring & Empowering Solutions

Molly is a National Podcaster, decade long national blogger and 2 x Amazon #1 Best Selling Author. She  has coached, consulted and directed presidents and founders of national organizations and over 4,000 small business owners in; executive-level leadership, continuous improvement and team empowerment initiatives to infiltrate new markets, leveraging partner ecosystems and producing profitability. 

Today we discuss:

  • How you come across as Dick
  • How to fix the problem even if you are a Dick

Full disclosure: My dad’s name is Dick…. Sorry dad!

Challenge today?

  • Entrepreneurs  don't believe that is a employee market

    • People are looking for an opportunity
    • People need leadership
    • No one needs a job for a paycheck
    • Realize that you are not the prize
  • Recruiting is 100% sales
    • You can't hide the fact that you are an asshole
    • You are responsible for the energy that you leave in every room
  • The interview is reckless
    • You have to be 

Why is this important to the company?

  • Mis-hires 
  • Brand Reputation Management 
    • Ability to hire
    • Social Media, Glass door Reviews
  • Greatly reduce your ability to hire 

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Own who you are
  • No matter how great your company is, it is not the prize
    • Means to an end & a Paycheck
    • Two words: Improper screening 

How do we solve the problem?

  • Audit on current interviewing, onboarding, & training process

    • Make it safe
    • Name it and own it
    • Be clear on who you are, prepare people for the interview
  • Treat your interview like a client
    • Brand reputation management
    • End process gracefully
    • Leave them better than when they entered
    • Close the loop
  • Feedback
    • Honest & intentional feedback
    • Be a coach, leader, mentor

Rick’s Nuggets

  • Preparation for everyone in the interview process.

Key Takeaways:

  • FINDING ROCKSTAR/Batteries Included EMPLOYEES-- hiring and recruiting is 100% sales. You are selling YOUR COMPANY. don't make the entry point harder than hacking the white house--- keep your ADS short/empowering- don't include salary….you might push away a superstar b/c your top pay is dollars short of what they are worth. You want to take EVERYONE….interview for mindset/emotional intelligence/core values and don't get seduced by the resume. You can always training knowledge & Skillset  BUT the Human stuff is what destroys a team. 
  • KEEPING ROCKSTAR EMPLOYEES---Once you have a rockstar team-- don't get too cocky and think you're safe. Implement  a quarterly “Employee Growth Plan'' for very employee in your business. This is the KEY to keeping and creating lifetime employees. Please feel free to email me and I will give you my process for free, as a listener of Rick’s. Nothing makes me HAPPIER as a recruiter when In box an employee and say “hey, are you happy & being treated well @ your current job or are you interested in hearing about a great opportunity…..” and then i get a response “I am VERY happy where I am, not interested!” i will immediately go check out the company they are working for and can IMMEDIATELY see the culture/values/ of that company and get so hopeful there are amazing companies finally understanding the value of team empowerment!
  • PERSONAL GROWTH is MORE Important than Professional growth-- when you invest in your team and invest (pay for!!!) coaching programs, mindset programs and have them CONSISTENTLY enrolled & engaged in coaching and personal development & growth your employees wont leave! (I will elaborate on ALL of this more during the LIVE.)






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