Our guests today: Anne-Marie & Chuck Lerch, Co-Founder & CXO’s of HI Tech Hui

Chuck heads up Cybersecurity. been the CIO and CTO at numerous companies with great emphasis on security. His passion for secure networks is what led him to his love and vision to bring cybersecurity solutions to the Hawaiian islands.

Anne Marie is the CXO & Head of Counting Beans. Her love for business strategy and technology is what inspired her to start a consulting company in Hawaii. She specializes in project management for software development projects.

Today we discuss:

  • Why it is important to secure your at home workforce
  • Steps to take to mitigate the risk of being hacked

What are the security risks we are experiencing today with a remote workforce?

  • Cyber crime is up over 650%
  • Most office workers are working from home
  • Companies and workers are ill equipped from a
  • Culture Impact
  • Technology Impact
  • Depression
  • Kids at home at same time
  • Workers are can be less productive and not pay attention to what they are doing

Why is this important to the company?

  1. Money Loss
  2. Vendor hacks
  3. Moral Issues
  4. Productivity Issues
  5. Management Issues
  6. Home Issues

How do we secure our remote workforce?

  • First we need to answer some questions and create a plan with our vCISO’s, CTO’s and Project Managers
  1. Understand what is at stake

    1. A hack can cost you millions of dollars!
  2. Depends on Company Budget and Industry
    1. HITRUST?
    1. CMMC
    1. NCUA, FFIEC - 
    2. Healthcare ?
    3. Business with the Federal Government
    4. Banking
  1. Gap Assessment 

    1. What are the weaknesses 
    2. Corporate policies must align with security policies 
    3. Cybersecurity hygiene
    4. Passwords -every login needs to have a different password!
  2. Remediation
    1. MFA- multi factor authentication
    2. Education & Monitoring

Key Takeaways:

  • Implement education - security training, be aware so you don't get jacked
  • Multifactor
  • Securing the cloud infrastructure . secure the endpoints (computers) - configure against shady sites 
  • Monitor traffic

Guest Contacts:

Websites: HI Tech Hui, LLC or Cyberuptive

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