Reference checking is so important... yet so underutilized. Why? Because it is too time-consuming! But when you fail to reference check you are dramatically increasing the likelihood of making the wrong hire. On top of that, you are missing out on a potential recruiting opportunity 

Today’s Quote: 

"References drive the industry." - Mark V. Hurd

Our guest today:  Yves Lermusi, Co-Founder & CEO of Checkster

Checkster is powering talent decisions of organizations and providers of staffing and HR services. The company aims to improve the world's productivity and harmony by increasing job fit and work achievement, as well as personal career satisfaction and fulfillment.

Yves is a well-known public speaker and a Career and Talent industry commentator. He is often quoted in the leading business media worldwide, and has been named as one of the “100 Most Influential People in the Recruiting Industry”.

Today we are going to discuss

  • Why checking references is important
  • Voice reference checks vs digital reference checks
  • The framework for a successful reference check

Reference checking, what’s the issue?  

  • People don't do 
  • Or they do totally wrong

Why are they doing references wrong?

  • Only speaking to people that are given
  • Talking to 2-3 
  • Talking to over the phone (filtered feedback)

Digital advantages

  • Digitally people are more honest 
  • People pretend to be their own reference
  • Consistency in the questions

Rick’s input

  • Design references to evaluate against company culture
  • Ability to dig deep on the answers

How to do references right

  1. Peers or managers recently. In direct contact
  2. Speak to at least 4 references - the measurement of success 80% in making a good hire vs. just 2 references
  3. Ask the right questions
    1. Relevant to the job and non-leading, (leading the witness) 
    2. “Would you rehire?” 
    3. Starting broad and going specific
  4. Do it digitally
    1. Saves time

Rick’s Nuggets

  • How are you able to question deeper to understand the motivation of the answer? 
  • Written referrals don't give you the ability to recruit the person

Key Takeaways:

  • Get at least feedback from 4 relevant colleagues  (relevant:recent profesional close experience)
  • Ask predictive questions
  • Do it digitally
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