Seasoned leaders are out there and they are willing to work with your startup at more than just an advisory level. They are called fractional leaders ...View Details

How are you going to attract the strongest talent for your company when people have no idea who you are? The truth is, you are not! Passive talent and...View Details

According to Linkedin, the #1 way to discover a new job is through a referral… and referrals are the top source of quality hires.  Look, there are goo...View Details

Telling a story is the quickest way to gain a person’s attention. The challenge in recruiting is telling a story that is compelling to the person you ...View Details

We’ve all done it, hired the person who looked great on paper because they seemed to possess the skills we needed. Only to have the hire turn out to b...View Details

Startups suck at choosing recruiting partners!  There is no magic button to push to have candidates pop out for your roles. Before you hire, put the s...View Details

In honor of Halloween, we are sharing interview horror stories. We all have heard campfire stories of a crazy interview or even a scary hire. Today we...View Details

The purpose of the interview is to get the truth of who a person is and how they can bring value to the business. Common or conventional tactics do ve...View Details

Founders, the quickest way to attract investment is to already have a team in place and the wheels in motion. People will join your startup prior to r...View Details

We are in a negative unemployment market and there are just not enough workers on the open job market. The solution might be taking a different avenue...View Details

Today we are making a commitment to hiring excellence! To do this you must change your mindset, your expectations and your hiring method. The transiti...View Details

The work you must-do if you want to see innovation and growth. This work involves letting your inner kindergartner come out. Because this is when peop...View Details

Today we are taking an honest look at your hiring record. Data does not lie! The success or failure of your hiring is a direct result of your intervie...View Details

A lot of companies shy away from hiring veterans because they don’t understand the value that they may bring to the table.  Amazon, Google, Microsoft,...View Details

Have you ever looked at a resume and thought this person is perfect!  Only to find out after you have hired them that the person is a total mismatch t...View Details

We have all experienced it….Trying to coordinate calendars to accommodate an interview.  It is a BIG time suck from someone’s day!  How to eliminate s...View Details

We are talking today about the importance of keeping your people informed about what hiring is taking place and allowing your people to become brand a...View Details

Why is raising capital more celebrated than building a business that is actually profitable? It may be a smarter play to join an actual business rathe...View Details

People are your company’s most valuable asset. Yet the interview process is riddled with actions to support otherwise.  Common Transactional Interview...View Details

Today we are talking about building a high scale remote company.  Try this on for size, a 75-person company without an office! The advantages are diff...View Details

Going old school with the title, don't judge!  STEM  (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) hiring today is brutal as there are just not...View Details

The usefulness or uselessness of AI & Employment branding in Recruiting.  Today’s Quote:  "This is what Steve Jobs understood: Brands are defined ...View Details

The Battle between your Need to fill a role vs. hiring for cultural alignment.  More thought needs to go into “Who” you are going to hire than “What” ...View Details

That's right people, today we are talking about our ABC’s! The reality of the talent market. Creativity and Contact are the keys to winning talent. We...View Details

Engagement!  Well, not the type of engagement you might be thinking of.  Engagement in the business sense. Employee engagement is the one critical ele...View Details

Offers do not get turned down because of the MONEY… They are turned down because you failed to Understand who the person is and then demonstrate a mut...View Details

Ghosting has come full circle now that it is a talent-driven market!  There is no excuse for ghosting someone on either end of the hiring spectrum. It...View Details

Here’s a shocker for you guys today… Hiring Good People is Hard! Or is it? Maybe we just make it hard on ourselves because we make compromises based o...View Details

Attention comparison shoppers... waiting to see a “few more people” to compare before deciding to hire?  Bad Idea, Time kills hires! Riddling your int...View Details

Alternative ways to hire salespeople when your company is getting started. Sales are the lifeblood of a company but what do you do when you need to gr...View Details

We are hard-wired to follow a routine. This is why we perform certain tasks better throughout various times of the day. So designing your hiring routi...View Details

Is it a good or bad idea to hire former employees back? In today's job market, people may exit a company to experience life at a startup, change indus...View Details

Not making a decision quickly is one of the biggest mistakes a hiring manager makes. Often the fear of making the wrong hiring decision leaves people ...View Details

No longer can you, Mr. Hiring manager, get away with bad behavior in an interview and think you will be able to hire the person across the desk from y...View Details

Do personality assessment tests really work? We are going to discuss the why, when & how to give assessment tests. Personally, I am not a big fan ...View Details

The average annual turnover in sales is 25 to 30%. That is the equivalent of hiring & training the entire Sales organization every 4 years! How do...View Details

Diversity & Inclusion is critical to your company’s success but it is not a strategy. Here’s why... D&I needs to be built into the DNA of your...View Details

Erik Huberman, Founder and CEO of Hawke Media, Managing Director of Nest Equity Partners, and Operating Partner of Arrowroot Capital Management

What are the biggest challenges in building a distributed team as a startup? Today we discuss how to Hire, build process and lead in a distributed mod...View Details

Beerud Sheth, Co-Founder and CEO of Gupshup

Non-verbal communication and digging for clues to get to the root of who people really are.  93% of our communication is delivered non-verbally. Extra...View Details

Brian Frankel, Marketing Consultant of Ignite.Consulting, TiE Charter Member, and Founder, of Mentor Matchmaker

Ravi Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO of OOtify, TiE Charter Member, Investor, and Mentor

The mistakes we, as entrepreneurs and hiring managers, make when building our companies. Often our need to fill overrides our logic in determining the...View Details

We don't hire for human competency but for skill set.  Our language is inhuman in spite of the very real experience of working with HUMANS. People wan...View Details

Before you hire, you need a clear understanding of what you need and Why. What is required needs to be focused on the work that needs to be accomplish...View Details

Employer branding is a very hot topic! Today we are here to challenge conventional wisdom and say that people pitch their company and themselves wrong...View Details

"Post and Pray" yields mediocre results and yet It is the go-to method for most companies, especially startups. Look, dating apps have evolved so let'...View Details

Today we are discussing the Steps to building & scaling headcount in growth mode. Making sure that execution & time to fill are aligned. Toda...View Details

A great hire happens when Career & Hiring objectives are in alignment. Now more than ever, people want to feel whole in their careers and personal...View Details

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