The first time I was fired was when I was 16 years old and working at Numero Uno Pizza. It happened really strangely, I went in to pick up my paycheck...View Details

Answer: Linking Corporate Values into Your Interview Questions eliminates bias I posed the question to a room of over 400 corporate executives and the...View Details

You are at the point in your business where the company is ready to hire the first person to head up a department (i.e.: sales, marketing, engineering...View Details

The key to retention is growth. With looming fears of “the great resignation” company’s are unsure as to how to structure the organization. Forcing a ...View Details

We can all agree that running a remote business has become very challenging from both a cultural and productivity perspective. If anything the past ye...View Details

It is time to change our mindset on how to really attract and hire the strongest people. The answer is not having the  greatest recruiters or tools. I...View Details

Have you ever thought to yourself “If we only could have paid a bit more money, we would have landed the A-player we really needed to hire”? If so, yo...View Details

As Entrepreneurs, we are constantly striving to get in front of the challenges we have. However we often seem to be in a constant state of fighting fi...View Details

Listening is the most critical interview tool you have. Not listening to respond (which we all do) but listening to understand.  Think of the intervie...View Details

Do you have a target list of the people you desire to hire? It is easy to plan the roles you need to hire but the “who” is what matters most.  A very ...View Details

Knowing at least one attribute that is shared by everyone in the organization is critical to nail down before you start hiring. This one thing becomes...View Details

Are you considering hiring a team of experts offshore?  We all know that this option can give you a lot more bang for your buck. But does it really? T...View Details

People do not want to go into the office on a daily basis anymore!  In fact, the last search we completed had an overwhelming number of people that wo...View Details

You don’t need to see 50 or even 10 candidates to make a hire. You only need to see 1.  Why do we feel like we need to see a lot of people to “compare...View Details

You’re hiring and just are not seeing the quality flow of people responding to your job ads. A bit frustrated, you decide to launch an email/LinkedIn ...View Details

With everyone struggling to hire, companies are looking for a competitive edge in being able to attract talented people. But the answer is not compens...View Details

It is no secret that diversity sparks innovation and fuels business growth.  But diversity for the sake of image or social pressure is dangerous. It n...View Details

What if you completely eliminated the resume from your entire hiring process? Now you might be thinking, “how is that even possible”? Well, lets’ divu...View Details

Assumptions are the #1 reason we fail in our expectations when hiring and raising capital.  Assumptions are drawn when we don’t invest the time to lis...View Details

“But I have managed to hire two rockstars without having any formalized hiring structure” Said my friend Anthony.  To which I quickly replied back “I’...View Details

It is very possible to share the same core values, yet differ in our religious or political views. This, we must understand when hiring new people. No...View Details

It’s no secret that I feel that employer branding is bullshit. Mostly because it is focused on perks and selling a “utopian” environment that is not w...View Details

As Leaders, we spend a lot of time wondering if we have the right person in the right seat. But how often do we question if we are the right person in...View Details

We can all agree that the only way to 10 or 100x your company is to hire the strongest people. So, what are the strongest people?  The strongest perso...View Details

If hiring right is so critical to the organization, why is interviewing the one action that is entirely left up to chance? It has been my experience t...View Details

Thinking about the people you hire as objects or obstacles to achieve your company goals is poison.  Often we venture into the hiring process with the...View Details

Do you really need a person full time or will a freelancer suffice? Often the need to get work done clouds our vision who we really need.  Ask yoursel...View Details

How many resumes do you need to see to fill a role? Let’s take it a step further. How many people do you need to interview to fill a role? If you gues...View Details

Why do I need to waste my time writing a job description? You might ask. The answer is: To save Time … & be able to Sleep The Job Description is t...View Details

No one is interested in working for your ego. Just ask our friend …. Dick (name changed to protect the innocent).  Dick is a VP of a small, well funde...View Details

Think what you may about the military but the truth is they hire better than you! They developed and refined a process that, over time, has ultimately...View Details

The remote interview is still a HUGE challenge for a lot of companies. Especially for those of you who are lacking a formalized process.  Simply evalu...View Details

High performance teams don't just happen by chance. They are artfully built with an impenetrable culture at its heart.  The people who join are in ali...View Details

One bad hire in your startup negatively affects your balance sheet and is the fuel to future boardroom conflict.  Often, we entrepreneurs feel the pre...View Details

There needs to be a deliberate cadence to your interview process.  Just like a first date, you wouldn't say “hi, I'm Rick. before we start the date, I...View Details

CEO campfire horror stories often start with “In the beginning, I hired a few friends of mine”... then the story digresses from there. Sometimes the s...View Details

“We really need to hire a person from xyz company and they need to be from a top tier school.” Words that make every recruiting professional cringe.  ...View Details

Please, please, please wear pants during your video interview! Both parties, not just the person being interviewed.  Just yesterday, Jessie filled me ...View Details

Skills can be learned, but who a person is, is what determines a successful hire. This all comes down to core value alignment with the organization.  ...View Details

Imagine having to staff 250 roles... just as many companies were laying off and scrambling to get their PPP loans approved.  Our guest today had 2 wee...View Details

Can we all agree that the people you hire determine the success of your company.  It is not enough to just “fill a role”. Especially if you're a small...View Details

Data Driven Insight into Your Video Interviews. “Look, I just need to hire someone who can do the work so we can get this product done”  Said Peter. A...View Details

Entrepreneurs, take your mental health seriously because the life of your company depends on it! Our guest today: Sally Spencer-Thomas, President of U...View Details

Values are the foundation of what your company is built upon. As we all know, without a foundation, the structure that is built can be destroyed at an...View Details

The keys to attraction and retention are transparency and process. Just like having a strong interview structure, Compensation structure is just as cr...View Details

We are in the greatest time for opportunistic hiring!  An unprecedented number of talented people are on the sidelines and now is your time to hire th...View Details

Consider the possibility that giving may be the answer that propels your business through challenging times.  There is nothing more alluring to talent...View Details

Our guest today: Jodi Duva, Vice President of Cox Business  Jodi is responsible for leading a world-class team delivering customized communications so...View Details

Our guests today: Dan Moore, Co-Founder & CEO of Vaporware Dan is a trained computer scientist who helps clients craft ideas into scalable product...View Details

To Cultivate Employee Engagement Focus on Performance Management & Personal Development Our guests today: Michael Caito, CEO, Management Action Pr...View Details

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