High performing individuals come in every flavor. They can not be identified by looking at a resume! They can only be discovered by understanding who ...View Details

Not having a clearly defined corporate culture document is a recipe for failure. Why? The culture document is a business plan for how your people are ...View Details

Marketing and hiring are far too often major failure points because they are started too late. The right time to start marketing is before you launch ...View Details

Ever finished an interview with a great person and just felt unsure or maybe you need more data to make the decision either way? This all too common s...View Details

Why you need to hire trusted talent to build and scale your startup. Referrals are still the strongest way to stack the deck with talent for your orga...View Details

Will a subject matter expert be a better solution to hiring a leader for your company? We can all agree that there are different types of leaders. I a...View Details

The vast majority of companies still do not have any policy in place to support work from home. As the majority of companies have switched to remote w...View Details

A remote workforce has proven to be challenging to a lot of companies who have traditionally run operations from a centralized location. Aside from th...View Details

There is a flood of great talent on the market and the competition for those limited positions is heating up. With this rise in the talent pool the ab...View Details

The remote work mandate is still proving to be challenging for a lot of companies. Work from home is here to stay and we have to embrace the changes -...View Details

The key to successful hiring is in uncovering evidence in a person's ability to align culturally and professionally with your unique company. … None o...View Details

How can you tell if someone is good just through a phone screen? A BIG thanks to our guest today: John Driscoll, Co-Founder & CEO of Naked Develop...View Details

We are now living the new normal.....And that normal is a mostly remote workforce, work/life/self balance and a heavy reliance on technology to lead t...View Details

Is AI the future of recruitment? Better yet, will AI replace the need for a resume? Tools are available to utilize AI in improving workflow and screen...View Details

Special Episode!  Video Interviews are the new necessity. But what is the best way to run an effective process? Today we breakdown the framework to ru...View Details

Remember that person who you really wanted to hire but they took a job somewhere else? Now is the time to reconnect. Through no fault of their own, gr...View Details

Fundraising is difficult especially when you are missing a hiring process! Understanding who you are and defining your process are critical in bringin...View Details

One of the most powerful tools in your hiring process in the phone interview. The challenge that we have is that it is treated as a screen just to fin...View Details

With the drastic changes in the current work environment we are pivoting a bit from hiring for today’s episode. We are discussing how to transition yo...View Details

How to evaluate for good discretion in the hiring process. Discretion is defined by Merriam Webster as an “Ability to make responsible decisions”. Thi...View Details

The grind of being a startup entrepreneur is riddled with rejection and heartache. It is often thought that you need the money before you can build yo...View Details

The value of being able to directly text or call a person you are needing to recruit for your company is staggering. Want people to give you the ...View Details

Everyone in a hiring capacity has made a wrong hire in their career. I believe that this is a direct result of hiring for skills first. Here’s the sco...View Details

The truth is most of the good players are on the sidelines. Great people are inundated with mindless spam therefore most messaging is getting ignored....View Details

Reference checking is so important... yet so underutilized. Why? Because it is too time-consuming! But when you fail to reference check you are dramat...View Details

Posting your jobs can be a very frustrating exercise. Especially when you receive little to no response. Or worse yet, you receive an onslaught of unq...View Details

Today’s show is all about challenging your past behavior. What has worked in the past will not work in the future and this is especially true in hirin...View Details

Each individual brings a unique perspective to every interview conversation. Yet most interviews focus on “what you can do for me” almost entirely fro...View Details

Making a strong hire starts with attracting the right people. Knowing who the right hire is the first step. But in order to attract the right people t...View Details

We all get how impressive the hire from a name brand company might be. However, more often than not, making the vanity hire turns out disastrous for b...View Details

It is all too common to look for the person who brings the skills you deem necessary for your role. But the person who brings all the skills may not b...View Details

Seasoned leaders are out there and they are willing to work with your startup at more than just an advisory level. They are called fractional leaders ...View Details

How are you going to attract the strongest talent for your company when people have no idea who you are? The truth is, you are not! Passive talent and...View Details

According to Linkedin, the #1 way to discover a new job is through a referral… and referrals are the top source of quality hires.  Look, there are goo...View Details

Telling a story is the quickest way to gain a person’s attention. The challenge in recruiting is telling a story that is compelling to the person you ...View Details

We’ve all done it, hired the person who looked great on paper because they seemed to possess the skills we needed. Only to have the hire turn out to b...View Details

Startups suck at choosing recruiting partners!  There is no magic button to push to have candidates pop out for your roles. Before you hire, put the s...View Details

In honor of Halloween, we are sharing interview horror stories. We all have heard campfire stories of a crazy interview or even a scary hire. Today we...View Details

The purpose of the interview is to get the truth of who a person is and how they can bring value to the business. Common or conventional tactics do ve...View Details

Founders, the quickest way to attract investment is to already have a team in place and the wheels in motion. People will join your startup prior to r...View Details

We are in a negative unemployment market and there are just not enough workers on the open job market. The solution might be taking a different avenue...View Details

Today we are making a commitment to hiring excellence! To do this you must change your mindset, your expectations and your hiring method. The transiti...View Details

The work you must-do if you want to see innovation and growth. This work involves letting your inner kindergartner come out. Because this is when peop...View Details

Today we are taking an honest look at your hiring record. Data does not lie! The success or failure of your hiring is a direct result of your intervie...View Details

A lot of companies shy away from hiring veterans because they don’t understand the value that they may bring to the table.  Amazon, Google, Microsoft,...View Details

Have you ever looked at a resume and thought this person is perfect!  Only to find out after you have hired them that the person is a total mismatch t...View Details

We have all experienced it….Trying to coordinate calendars to accommodate an interview.  It is a BIG time suck from someone’s day!  How to eliminate s...View Details

We are talking today about the importance of keeping your people informed about what hiring is taking place and allowing your people to become brand a...View Details

Why is raising capital more celebrated than building a business that is actually profitable? It may be a smarter play to join an actual business rathe...View Details

People are your company’s most valuable asset. Yet the interview process is riddled with actions to support otherwise.  Common Transactional Interview...View Details

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